Duty Day Sample Clauses

Duty Day a. The duty day for employees on the A-3 and A-4 salary matrices shall consist of eight (8) hours excluding a lunch period. The duty day shall be a continuous period of time. In the event an employee on the A-3 or A-4 salary matrix regularly works less than a five (5) day week, the duty week shall consist of no more than forty (40) hours.
Duty Day. A. Except as otherwise provided in this Contract, the employee duty day shall be seven hours and 30 minutes including a duty-free lunch, or 37 ½ hours per week total.
Duty Day. Duty Day shall mean a day included in the university calendar or individual faculty member's appointment on which a faculty member engages in duties as described in this Agreement.
Duty Day is a day in which any part of a regular tour of duty is performed by the Full Time Fire Fighter;
Duty Day. A. The teacher's duty day shall not exceed 7 hours and thirty-six minutes (7.6 hours). When necessary for administrative purposes, the principal, with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, may arrange different hours of the work day providing the work week does not exceed 38 hours and with five (5) days written notice.
Duty Day. Paraeducators, nurses, team nurses, inclusion helpers, and technicians will be scheduled for a 7 ½ hour work day which includes a 30-minute duty free paid lunch period. Secretarial and clerical personnel will be scheduled for an eight (8) hour work day which includes a 30-minute unpaid duty free lunch period. Inclusion helpers will be scheduled to work their normal duty day as assigned. When the student assigned to an inclusion helper is absent from school, the inclusion helper will work their normal work day and will be assigned other duties.
Duty Day. “Duty Day” shall mean a day included in the college calendar, or individual faculty member’s assignment, on which a faculty member engages in duties as assigned by the administration.
Duty Day. A. Subject to Section 4, below, teachers shall be on duty and available at their duty station thirty (30) minutes preceding official school hours, and thirty (30) minutes following official school hours unless specifically excused by the unit administrator or unless a different schedule is mutually agreed upon at a school site. For the purposes of this section, the duty day for the full-time teacher shall be seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours inclusive of any duty-free lunch period as required by law.
Duty Day. Duty day" means every day an employee is on assigned duty either full-time or part- time, pursuant to Article 6
Duty Day b. The third and fourth Wednesday of the month after the regular school day shall be reserved for meetings of the ASSOCIATION.