Date of filing definition

Date of filing means the date an applicant submits a noti- fication of intent or the date an applicant files an application, whichever is earlier.

Examples of Date of filing in a sentence

  • Civil Application No. Date of filing Date of disposal 1345 of 1974 4-5-1974 4-5-1974 1346 of 1974 4-5-1974 4-5-1974 1379 of 1974 10- 6-1974 12-6-1974 The lower appellate Court perused the Rojnama of each case, certified copy of the application, the affidavit filed in respect of the applicants, vakalatnama filed by the parties and the admission purshis filed in each case.

  • Date of filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State.

More Definitions of Date of filing

Date of filing means April 17, 2009;
Date of filing means June 25, 1999;
Date of filing means a completed complaint is received by the Commission prior to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time) as provided by Rule 28-106.104, F.A.C.
Date of filing means the date on which any pleading envisaged by these rules is lodged with the Registrar;
Date of filing means the date that:
Date of filing means the date received by the Board. A document received after 5 p.m. is considered to be filed on the following business day.