Progress Report Sample Clauses

Progress Report. 10.1 If required, you shall submit progress reports in connection with the Service (“Report”) on at least a monthly basis, or as we may require. The Report shall include a summary of the activities and accomplishments during the previous reporting period.
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Progress Report. By March 1 of each year, ***** will submit a written annual report to Stanford covering the preceding calendar year. The report will include information sufficient to enable Stanford to satisfy reporting requirements of the U.S. Government and for Stanford to ascertain progress by ***** toward meeting this Agreement’s diligence requirements. Each report will describe, where relevant: *****’s progress toward commercialization of Licensed Product, including work completed, key scientific discoveries, summary of work-in-progress, current schedule of anticipated events or milestones, market plans for introduction of Licensed Product, and significant corporate transactions involving Licensed Product. ***** will specifically describe how each Licensed Product is related to each Licensed Patent.
Progress Report. A progress report shall be prepared by the Contractor each month against the activities listed in the project schedule. The report shall be made available to employer on a monthly basis, e.g., the 10th of each month. The progress report shall include all the completed, ongoing and scheduled activities.
Progress Report. (1) Where formal progress reports are required by the Contract, the Contractor shall render such reports at such time and in such form as may be specified by the Authority, or as otherwise agreed between the Contractor and the Authority.
Progress Report. Grantee shall submit quarterly progress reports to the State Water Board’s Grant Manager by the twentieth (20th) of the month following the end of the calendar quarter (March, June, September, and December).
Progress Report. The Surveyor shall submit a monthly progress report electronically by the 5th of each month following the month through which status is being reported. Progress and percent complete shall be according to the task as included in the scope. With each payment request, the Surveyor shall submit the corresponding project progress report which shall, as a minimum, include the percentage of total work complete as of the date of the payment request and a description of current work activity. The percentage of total work complete shall not be based simply on the percentage of funds expended, but shall be based on the best judgment of the Surveyor as to the percentage of actual work complete. DocuSign Envelope ID: 9A5E574C-F6F1-4EA5-A0CA-CDE46BF87198 WORK AUTHORIZATION NO. CONTRACT FOR SURVEYING SERVICES THIS WORK AUTHORIZATION is made under Surveying Contract No. (Contract) between the State of Texas, acting through the Texas Department of Transportation (State), and (Surveyor).
Progress Report. A Progress Report must accompany the invoice package documenting Consultant’s work during the service period. If an invoice is not submitted monthly, then a Progress Report must be submitted at least quarterly via email to State’s Project Coordinator. All Progress Reports must include, but are not limited to, the following:
Progress Report. Each activity of A-E and staff must be defined by their job title and description of work completed.
Progress Report. The Contractor shall provide the State Agency with a written progress report using the forms and formats as provided by the State Agency, summarizing the work performed during the period. These reports shall detail the Contractor’s progress toward attaining the specific goals enumerated in Attachment C (Work Plan). Progress reports shall be submitted in a format prescribed in the Master Contract.
Progress Report. The Progress Report must provide a concise narrative assessment of the status of work and include the following information and any other information identified under Special Instructions on the Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist: