RIGHTS OF THE UNION. Section 4.1. The Union has the right and responsibility to represent the interests of all employees in the unit; to present its views to the District on matters of concern, either orally or in writing; and to enter collective negotiations with the object of reaching an agreement applicable to all employees within the bargaining unit.
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RIGHTS OF THE UNION. 4.1 Non-Interference 4 4.2 Representation of Employees 4
RIGHTS OF THE UNION. The Union shall have, in addition to other rights expressly set forth or provided by statute, the following rights:
RIGHTS OF THE UNION. Section a. There will be no restraint, interference, coercion, or discrimination against any employee in the statutory exercise of any right to organize and designate representatives of their own choosing for the purposes of collective bargaining, presentation of grievances, labor management related activity, representation of employees before the Employer, or upon duly designated Union representatives acting as an agent of the Union on behalf of an employee or group of employees in the bargaining unit.
RIGHTS OF THE UNION. SECTION 1. The Union agrees to accept employees in the unit of recognition as members of NWSEO without discrimination as to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, handicapping condition, preferential or non-preferential civil service status, political affiliation, or marital status.
RIGHTS OF THE UNION a. The Union shall have the right to use such facilities and equipment as is normally located for ESPs' use within the schools and school technology equipment. Such use of facilities or equipment shall be at unassigned times and upon appropriate request to the principal or designee; however, such use shall not interfere with the teaching of pupils or interrupt normal school operations.
RIGHTS OF THE UNION. 5.1 The Union or a representative designated by the Union shall be permitted access to all work areas of the District and to discharge their duties as a representative of the Union. The representative will inform the appropriate administrator or supervisor before contacting an employee at work.
RIGHTS OF THE UNION. 5.01 The Board agrees, with the approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee, non-employee officers and representatives of the Union may be admitted to school premises during times that employees in the unit are working. The Union representative shall, upon arrival, check in through the established channels for receiving visitors. Such visitations shall be for the purpose of the adjustment of grievances. The Union agrees that such activities shall not interfere with the normal work duties of the employees. However, the Board agrees to provide for the release of employees from their normal duties to meet privately with the representative for no more than thirty (30) minutes, so long as that employee's work responsibilities can be covered without the hiring of a substitute.
RIGHTS OF THE UNION. A. The Union may use College building facilities for meetings provided that such use shall not interfere with nor interrupt normal College operation, and subject to agreement by the administration as to the reasonableness of time and location selected. Such agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld.
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