THE OBJECT Sample Clauses

THE OBJECT. 1. Ensuring the cooperation on the disciplinary proceedings against the prosecutors of all levels and thematic and institutional inspections of the general jurisdiction prosecution offices, for the fulfilment of the functions and obligation, as defined by the Constitution and the laws for both Parties, based on the principles of independence, accountability, transparency, a fair trial and the efficiency of the criminal justice system.
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THE OBJECT. 2.1 The object of this Agreement is to regulate the relationship between the parties for the education and vocational training of the Student in the Company and to achieve agreed objectives according to the attached apprenticeship program (Appendix 1 - Vocational Training/Apprenticeship Program).
THE OBJECT. 2.1. This Memorandum intends to express the disposition of the parties to initiate collaboration in the field of vocational training between the School and the Company, in one or more of the following methods: Provision of gradual development schemes for students; open doors to the Company, school success stories, staff as teachers/trainers at the school, students observing employees during their work; Provision of vocational practice for school students in the premises of the Company (Apprenticeship and Internship) or in distance; Provision of updated knowledge to school teachers; Sponsorship in the form of contribution to the school and/or student; Sustainable relationship with the school; the Company participates in school activities and vice versa; Participation to the ongoing and final assessment of the students; Contribution to the improvement of school curricula or the development of new curricula; Qualification of vocational practice mentors; Registration as a vocational training provider.
THE OBJECT. The purpose of this Agreement is to establish cooperation between the parties involved, in order to allow the development of academic, scientific, and cultural actions.
THE OBJECT. 3.1. Under this Agreement, the PROVIDER shall provide the CONTRACTING PARTY, without exclusivity, with the service of sending SMS Messages to its Users, previously agreed between the Parties, containing only information and content produced or licensed by the CONTRACTING PARTY, under the conditions provided for in the terms of use described in ANNEX A.
THE OBJECT. 1.1. The present Agreement aims at setting forth the conditions through which BRT shall invest in advertising and marketing, during the period of time that this Agreement is in force, through the electronic media conveyed by AOL in its Service and Portal.
THE OBJECT. 2.1. The object of this Agreement is the exclusive license that NET BR shall grant to MSO and to its subsidiaries, being Pay TV operators, both on the present date and in the future, for the use of the "Brand", solely for the purpose of providing Pay TV services, through the Authorized Signal Transmission Processes, as defined in the Commission Agreement (First Clause, letter "o") within the Territory.
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THE OBJECT. 1.1 This agreement has for object modifies the item 3, International Transit Fees, letter "c" of the Amendment Number 01/2000, so describe below:
THE OBJECT. 1.1.The object of the present Agreement is the promotion of telephone traffic in Region I of the GPG, through the calls that have their source in the terminals of the CFAS Operator and finish in the Infrastructure of Connection to the Internet, made available by the Operator for dialed access to the Internet on the part of the Users, in Region I of the GPG, through payment by TAC to AOL of commission, as defined in this Agreement.
THE OBJECT. 1.1. Through the present Agreement, and in the best form of the law, Telefonica Empresas commits to supply AOL with the connection infra-structure of AOL Network to the Internet in Region III of the General Plan of Grants (hereinafter simply called "Web Channel"), which infra-structure comprises a connection between the Telefonica Network and AOL Network, as well as from AOL Network to the Internet, which will be also made available to be used by any visiting users to have access to AOL Content.
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