Official action definition

Official action means a decision, recommendation, approval, disapproval or other action or failure to act which involves the use of discretionary authority.
Official action means any domestic or foreign decision, order, writ, injunction, decree, judgment, award or any determination, both as presently existing and effective or presently existing and as may become effective in the future, by any court, administrative body, or other tribunal.
Official action means introduction, sponsorship, testimony, debate, voting or any other official action on any ordinance, measure, resolution, amendment, nomination, appointment, or report, or any matter, including administrative action, that may be the subject of action by the City.

Examples of Official action in a sentence

  • Official action by an agency of the State of Washington or by the county or city where the land is located disallowing the present use of such land.

  • Official action or official duty includes, but is not limited to, participating in any vote, taking affirmative action to influence any vote, or providing any other official service or thing that is not available generally to members of the public in order to further the interests of the outside employment or activity.

  • Official action cannot be taken by the Board at that time, but may be placed on a future agenda or referred to the appropriate department.

  • Official action will not be taken on any items brought forth at this time.

  • Official action by the Commission shall require the affirmative vote of 5 commissioners, and a quorum shall consist of 5 commissioners.

More Definitions of Official action

Official action means any activity performed or required to be performed by an employee in the course of his/her official duties.
Official action means action which is taken by virtue of power granted by law, ordinance, policy, rule, or by virtue of the office held.
Official action means a decision, recommendation, approval, disapproval or other action which involves discretionary authority. A Board member who violates any of these restrictions may be subject to removal from the Board to which the member is appointed.
Official action means any decision on, or proposal, consideration, enactment, defeat, or making of any rule, regulation, rate- making proceeding or policy action or nonaction by a governmental body or any other policy matter which is within the official jurisdiction of the governmental body.
Official action means any formal action conducted by a Person, which results in a written statement of action duly approved by an authorized committee or governing body of such Person, as appropriate.
Official action means any judicial, executive, legislative or administrative action which shall include, but is not limited to, the promulgation of rules and regulations and the setting of rates;
Official action means the action or nonaction of a state official or state agency, board or commission acting in a rulemaking proceeding;