Provision Sample Clauses

Provision. OF SYSTEM ----------------------------- In consideration of the Contract Price and the Upgrade Prices, the Contractor agrees to undertake the Work and the Upgrade Work and to provide the Purchaser with the System meeting the System Performance Requirements on or before the Scheduled System RFS Date and the System Upgrades meeting the requirements of Article 6A, all in accordance with the terms hereof.
Provision. During the term of this Agreement each party will make available for the Project the Background IP to be provided by it. When a party makes Background IP available (other than that specified in the schedule) it must specify in writing to the other parties the ownership of it, the right of the party to make it available and details of any encumbrances or restrictions.
Provision. Any part of this Agreement or attachment thereto including, but not limited to, any referenced or incorporated agreement, specification, documentation or data, or any clause(s) or part(s) or combination(s) thereof.