Payment Audit Sample Clauses

Payment Audit. Records of costs incurred under terms of the Contract shall be maintained and made available to the Agency upon request at all times during the period of the Contract, and for a period of three years thereafter. Records of costs incurred shall include the Contractor’s general accounting records, together with supporting documents and Licensing Solutions Providers of Microsoft Software and Services records of the Contractor and all subcontractors performing work, and all other records of the Contractor and subcontractors considered necessary by the Agency for audit.
Payment Audit. 7.8.1. At the request of either Party, the other Party being audited shall, and shall cause its Affiliates to, permit an independent auditor designated by the auditing Party and reasonably acceptable to the audited Party (the “Independent Auditor”), at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice, to audit the books and records maintained pursuant to Section 7.7 to ensure the accuracy of all reports and payments made hereunder. The Party being audited shall cooperate with the Independent Auditor’s investigation, and the results of any audit under this Section 7.8.1 shall (i) disclose only whether any report or payment made under this Agreement is correct or incorrect and the amount of any discrepancy and (ii) be made available to both Parties. Except as provided below, the cost of this audit shall be borne by the auditing Party, unless the audit reveals a variance of more than [***] from the reported amounts and such variance benefitted the audited Party, in which case the audited Party shall bear the cost of the audit. Unless disputed pursuant to Section 7.8.2, if such audit concludes that (a) additional amounts were owed by the audited Party, the audited Party shall pay the additional amounts, or (b) excess payments were made by the audited Party, the auditing Party shall reimburse such excess payments, in either case ((a) or (b)), with interest from the date originally due as provided in Section 7.6 and within [***] after the date on which such audit is completed by the auditing Party.
Payment Audit. (a) Payment for all Equipment provided by SES for a Project shall be due on the date that falls ___ (___) days following the delivery by SES of the Equipment to the Project site or the issuance by SES to the relevant Project Company of a written invoice setting forth a detailed description of the costs incurred by SES for the procurement of each item of Equipment and the corresponding price to be paid therefor by the Project Company or AEI, as applicable.
Payment Audit. Ixia shall account to NetIQ for royalties due hereunder in calendar quarterly periods, except that the first accounting period shall end on September 30, 2003, irrespective of the Effective Date. Within forty-five (45) days after the last day of each quarter, Ixia will furnish to NetIQ a royalty report specifying the Adjusted Gross Revenues for the Distribution Products and Distribution Product Maintenance for such quarter and the royalties earned by, and other amounts due under this Section 9 with respect to the Distribution Products and Distribution Product Maintenance, and each such royalty report shall be accompanied by payment of all sums shown to be due thereby, after deduction of any and all proper deductions. The royalties shall be determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) consistently applied. The foregoing shall constitute payment in full for the Distribution Products and Distribution Product Maintenance. The information contained in a royalty report shall be conclusively deemed correct and binding upon NetIQ, resulting in the loss of all further audit rights with respect to such report, unless specifically challenged by written notice from NetIQ within two (2) years from the date such report was delivered by Ixia. Ixia agrees to allow an independent certified public accountant, at NetIQ's sole expense, to audit and analyze appropriate and relevant accounting records of Ixia at Ixia's premises to verify accurate accounting for and payment of all moneys due NetIQ hereunder. Any such audit shall be commenced no later than twelve (12) months after termination or expiration of the Distribution Term and must be performed in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, all consistently applied. Any underpayment determined by such audit shall be promptly corrected in full by Ixia, but only if Ixia has been given a complete, unredacted copy of the auditors' report and any work papers reasonably necessary for Ixia to evaluate the correctness of such determination. In addition to correcting such underpayment, if any such audit discloses an underpayment to NetIQ (excluding the amount of any underpayment which was corrected by Ixia prior to the date NetIQ gives Ixia notice of its intent to audit Ixia's accounting records) of more than ten percent (10%) of the amount due for the period as to which the discrepancy has arisen, Ixia shall pay the reasonable auditors' charg...
Payment Audit. Each Party will have the right annually at its own expense to have an independent, certified public accountant, selected by such Party and reasonably acceptable to the other Party, review any Books and Records of the other Party in the location(s) where such records are maintained by the other Party upon reasonable notice and during regular business hours and under obligations of confidence, for the sole purpose of verifying the basis and accuracy of payments made under this Agreement within the prior thirty-six (36) month period. If the review of such Books and Records reveals there was a deficiency or overpayment with respect to any amounts due, then the Party owing payment shall promptly pay to the other Party the full amount of the deficiency or repay the full amount of the overpayment together with interest calculated in the manner provided in Section 5.6. If any such discrepancies are greater than five percent (5%) of the amounts actually due, the non-reviewing Party shall pay all of the costs of such review.
Payment Audit. 17 5.1 Licensee shall pay to Licensor the License Fee in immediately available funds on the date such payments are required to be made hereunder in United States Dollars to the following account or such other account specified in the Television License Agreement or the attached schedules: X.X. Xxxxxx Xxxxx Manhattan Bank, N.A., Global Cash Management, 000 X. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00, Xxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000, Bank Account No: 844025023, ABA\Routing No: 000000000, Bank Swift Code: XXXXXX00.18 Each payment shall be accompanied by a reference to the name of Licensee, the “Contract No.” of this Agreement as specified on the Television License Agreement, and the invoice number related to such payment due under and as specified in the Television License Agreement.
Payment Audit. Tenant agrees to pay, at the time and in the manner specified herein, its Proportionate Share of Taxes in the manner set forth in Section 5.5.
Payment Audit. Digital Turbine will allow a nationally recognized accounting firm (“Auditor”) upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to audit Digital Turbine’s books and records (in whatever form kept) solely to verify Digital Turbine’s compliance with all payment provisions of this Renewal Agreement. At Verizon’s request and not more than twice during any 12-month period during which Digital Turbine is required to maintain records, the Auditor shall have access to Digital Turbine’s books and records at reasonable times and in such a manner as to not unreasonably interfere with Digital Turbine’s business operations. Verizon agrees that it will require any such Auditor to be subject to a written confidentiality agreement requiring such Auditor and its agents to treat all books and records and any other materials necessary for the Auditor to conduct the audit as confidential information of Digital Turbine and not to disclose any such confidential information to any party and to use all such confidential information solely for the purposes of performing the audit. Digital Turbine shall maintain complete records of all charges payable to Verizon under the terms of this Renewal Agreement for one year after termination of the Agreement. All such records shall be maintained in accordance with recognized accounting practices. The correctness of Digital Turbine’s payments shall be determined by such audits. This audit right will survive for the one (1) year period following expiration or termination of this Renewal Agreement. Prompt adjustments shall be made to compensate for any errors or omissions disclosed by such review or examination. If such review or examination reveals an underpayment by Digital Turbine with respect to the revenue share of more than ten percent (10%) and at least twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) for any calendar month, then Digital Turbine will promptly reimburse Verizon for all reasonable, third-party audit fees.
Payment Audit. 13. A physician may be identified for post-payment audit (the “Audit”) in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: