Section 8.3 Sample Clauses

Section 8.3. 31 Employees called back for special service on a regular workday or called on the sixth (6th) or seventh (7th) 32 consecutive day shall receive no less than two (2) hours pay per call at the appropriate rate. 34 36 A R T I C L E I X 37 38 HOLIDAYS 39 40 Section 9.1. 41 All employees shall receive the following paid holidays that fall within their work year: 42
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Section 8.3. It is the intent of the Parties that the Special Performance-Based Restricted Stock Grant be taxed under Code Section 83. The Executive may – but is not obligated to – make an election under Code Section 83(b) within 30 days of the date of grant of the Special Performance-Based Restricted Stock Grant.
Section 8.3. 43 Upon retirement PERS 1 employees will not cash out more than thirty (30) days of vacation in the final 44 two (2) years of employment, that cash out generates “excess cost” xxxxxxxx for PERS 1 participants to the 45 District. In the event the above-described “excess cost” cash out has taken place; the employee must 46 reimburse the District for the vacation cashed out which generated the excess billing liability. The 47 employee will then be required to take that amount cashed out beyond the thirty (30) days in the form of 48 vacation time off, prior to retirement.
Section 8.3. 2 Time on layoff and time on authorized leave of absence not to exceed one (1) year for twelve (12) month 3 employees and one school year for less than twelve (12) month employees will be counted as continuous 4 service for the purpose of establishing and retaining eligibility dates.
Section 8.3. 16 When a House Manager’s average working hours for District events meets or exceeds the two (2) hours 17 per day minimum as stated in Section 7.12, they shall be subject to and enjoy all of the rights and 18 responsibilities of a regular employee except as otherwise excluded in Article VIII. All other BPAC work 19 will be time sheeted as extra time and will not be contracted. BPAC workers with multiple District 20 positions are responsible for ensuring that they do not exceed 40 hours of work in a week without prior 21 authorization.
Section 8.3. 17 Each employee who by the September 1, accrual date, has completed less than one (1) years’ service will 18 receive vacation time prorated to time worked. For the purposes of calculating vacation days for 19 succeeding years, employees who have been actively employed for at least one half (½) of the 20 employment year by September 1 shall be credited with one (1) year of service and be granted vacation 21 time in accordance with Section 8.2.
Section 8.3. Section 83 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the “Code”) provides that Contractor is not subject to federal income tax with respect to the grant of units described in Section 6 above until the forfeiture restrictions with respect to such units lapse. If Contractor chooses, he or she may make an election under Code Section 83(b), which would cause Contractor to recognize income in the amount of the excess (if any) of the fair market value of the granted units (determined as of the date of grant) over the purchase price (which, in this case, is zero). A Code Section 83(b) election must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service within 30 days after the date of grant, even if no tax is due because the fair market value of the granted units on the date of their grant equals $0.00. Contractor hereby acknowledges that it is his or her sole responsibility to timely file Code Section 83(b) election(s) and that failure to file a Code Section 83(b) election within the applicable 30-day period may result in the recognition of ordinary income when the forfeiture restrictions lapse (i.e., the one- and two-year anniversaries of the grant date), if ever. In this regard, the Company agrees to reasonably cooperate with Contractor to provide its valuation of the granted units (which may appear on a Form 1099 or Form W-2), if any, when Contractor determines to make a Code Section 83(b) election.
Section 8.3. It is the intent of the parties that all LTI compensation that is equity-based incentive compensation be taxed under Code Section 83. EXECUTIVE may – but is not obligated to – make an election under Code Section 83(b) within 30 days of the date of grant of any equity-based Full-Value Award.
Section 8.3. 14 The seniority rights of an employee shall be lost for the following reasons:
Section 8.3. 2 Each employee shall be assigned to a definite and regular shift workweek, which shall not be changed 3 without prior notice to the employee of two (2) calendar weeks; provided, however, this notice may be 4 waived by the employee.