Equipment Provided Sample Clauses

Equipment Provided. Efforts are made to keep all laptop configurations the same. All Devices include a laptop case, software, and charger. FCSD will retain records of the serial numbers of all provided equipment.
Equipment Provided. The specific equipment provided is identified and described on the last page of this document. Efforts are made to keep all equipment configurations the same. All equipment includes ample RAM and hard‐disk space, a protective cover, software, and other miscellaneous items. CNM will retain records of the serial numbers and tag number of provided equipment.
Equipment Provided. Apple MacBook Air with one charger, protective laptop case, software.
Equipment Provided. Efforts are made to keep all 1:1 device configurations the same. All systems include ample RAM, applications, and wireless network capability. NMCSC will retain records of the serial numbers of provided equipment.
Equipment Provided. Students are to keep device configurations the same at all times unless permitted by SCSD.
Equipment Provided. A. The County shall provide all equipment it deems essential, or which is required by law, to complete assigned duties as follows: Ammunition Ear protectors (upon request) Handcuffs Riot type helmet (with face shield) Duty weapon Raincoat Duty belt Belt keepers (4) OC spray and holder Concealable ballistic vest certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Magazines (x3) Duty flashlight Handcuff case Duty holster Plastic cuffs (upon request) Rain pants Duty belt key holder CPR assistance kits
Equipment Provided. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, JDSU will supply and loan the Equipment set out in Schedule A hereto ("EQUIPMENT") to Consignee and Consignee agrees to accept the supply and loan of the Equipment.