Price to be paid Sample Clauses

Price to be paid. The value of the Share to be sold and the Share to be purchased shall be
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Price to be paid. (a) The price payable for the goods is QC's price for the goods ("the Price") as quoted by QC at the time of order by the Customer.
Price to be paid. (a) The Purchase Price for each of the Contracts Sold Hereunder (individually, a "Contract") to Green Tree by CAC shall be, for each such Contract, an amount equal to the sum of (i) the then-outstanding principal balance owing on such Contract and (ii) any accrued but unpaid interest at the applicable rate of interest on such Contract to and including the effective date on which the Contracts Sold Hereunder are transferred to Green Tree and (iii) an acquisition premium equal to the amount specified on Exhibit X hereto. The Acquisition Premium shall be deemed fully earned by CAC upon conveyance of the related Manufactured Housing Retail Finance Contract by CAC to Green Tree.
Price to be paid. The purchase price to be paid by the SSBIC to SBA for the Shares is $178.5789 per share, or $3,571,578 (the "Purchase Price"), to be paid as follows: $3,571,578 by promissory note of the SSBIC payable to SBA, in the form set forth in Exhibit 3 hereto (the "Note").

Related to Price to be paid

  • Service Charge to Be Paid to BD On the Business Day next succeeding each Auction Date, the Auction Agent shall pay to BD from moneys received from the Funds an amount equal to: (a) in the case of any Auction Date immediately preceding a Dividend Period of less than one year, the product of (i) a fraction the numerator of which is the number of days in such Dividend Period (calculated by counting the first day of such Dividend Period but excluding the last day thereof) and the denominator of which is 360, times (ii) 1/4 of 1%, times (iii) $25,000, times (iv) the sum of (A) the aggregate number of shares of any series of Preferred Shares placed by BD in the applicable Auction that were (x) the subject of a Submitted Bid of a Beneficial Owner submitted by BD and continued to be held as a result of such submission and (y) the subject of a Submitted Bid of a Potential Beneficial Owner submitted by BD and were purchased as a result of such submission plus (B) the aggregate number of shares of any series of Preferred Shares subject to valid Hold Orders (determined in accordance with Section 2 of Part II of the Articles Supplementary) submitted to the Auction Agent by BD plus (C) the number of shares of any series of Preferred Shares deemed to be subject to Hold Orders by Beneficial Owners pursuant to Section 2 of Part II of the Articles Supplementary that were acquired by BD for its own account or were acquired by such Beneficial Owners through BD; and (b) in the case of any Auction Date immediately preceding a Special Dividend Period of one year or longer, that amount as mutually agreed upon by the Funds and BD, based on the selling concession that would be applicable to an underwriting of fixed or variable rate Preferred Shares with a similar final maturity or variable rate dividend period, at the commencement of such Special Dividend Period. For purposes of subclause (a)(iv)(C) of the foregoing sentence, if any Beneficial Owner who acquired shares of any series of Preferred Shares through BD transfers those shares to another Person other than pursuant to an Auction, then the Broker-Dealer for the shares so transferred shall continue to be BD, provided, however, that if the transfer was effected by, or if the transferee is, a Broker-Dealer other than BD, then such Broker-Dealer shall be the Broker-Dealer for such shares.

  • RECOVERY OF SUMS REQUIRED TO BE PAID Lender shall have the right from time to time to take action to recover any sum or sums which constitute a part of the Debt as the same become due, without regard to whether or not the balance of the Debt shall be due, and without prejudice to the right of Lender thereafter to bring an action of foreclosure, or any other action, for a default or defaults by Borrower existing at the time such earlier action was commenced.

  • COMPENSATION TO BE PAID BY THE FUND TO THE MANAGER The Fund will pay to the Manager as compensation for the Manager’s services rendered, for the facilities furnished and for the expenses borne by the Manager pursuant to paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) of Section 1, a fee, based on the Fund’s Average Net Assets, computed and paid monthly at the annual rates set forth on Schedule B attached to this Contract, as from time to time amended. The Fund’s “

  • Purchase Consideration The consideration payable in connection with a purchase transaction shall be debited from the appropriate deposit account of the Portfolio as of the time and date that funds would ordinarily be required to settle the transaction in the applicable market. The Custodian shall promptly recredit the amount at the time that the Portfolio or the Fund notifies the Custodian by Proper Instruction that the transaction has been canceled.

  • Actions to be Taken at the Closing At the Closing, the Parties will take the following actions and deliver the following documents:

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