Work request definition

Work request means a document prepared by the Contractor which describes over and above work being proposed.
Work request means a purchaser’s solicitation that requests bids or proposals specific to their requirements. An ITPS work request will specify a technical service category(ies) and purchasers will only entertain bids or proposals from companies who are on the notification lists for the technical service category(ies) specified.
Work request means a document pre- pared by the Contractor which describes over and above work being proposed.(b) The Contractor and Administrative Contracting Officer shall mutually agree to procedures for Government administration and Contractor performance of over and above work requests. If the parties cannot agree upon the procedures, the Administra- tive Contracting Officer has the unilateral right to direct the over and above work pro- cedures to be followed. These procedures shall, as a minimum, cover—(1) The format, content, and submission ofwork requests by the Contractor. Work re- quests shall contain data on the type of dis- crepancy disclosed, the specific location of the discrepancy, and the estimated labor hours and material required to correct the discrepancy. Data shall be sufficient to sat- isfy contract requirements and obtain the authorization of the Contracting Officer to perform the proposed work;(2) Government review, verification, and authorization of the work; and

Examples of Work request in a sentence

  • The County may at any time during the progress of the Work, request additional 6 testing beyond that which is specified in the Contract.

More Definitions of Work request

Work request means a document prepared by the Contractor which
Work request means a standard KMC document proposing changes, or additions of work scope to the then existing agreed upon scope of services and work to be performed by KMC. A Work Request will state the reason or basis of the request, an estimate of the anticipated costs associated with such change and an estimate of the impact on the schedule and the Unit Sale Price.
Work request has the meaning set forth in the MBESA.
Work request is defined in Attachment B to Work Order 2002-02.
Work request means a request to carry out work which does not fall within the scope of work set out in a Proposal.