Payday Sample Clauses

Payday. 14.1 Payday shall be once a week. Employees shall be paid on the job at a mutually convenient location. Employees discharged or terminated shall be paid by check or cash with a written check stub or statement to include hours, deductions and hourly rates of pay immediately on such discharge or termination, and if required by the Employer to go to some other point or to the office of the Employer to pick up termination check the employees shall be paid for the time required to go to such places, at the regular straight time rate of wages, provided that payment by check to the employee, or mailed and postmarked to his residence address, within twenty-four (24) hours after such layoff or discharge, shall be deemed in compliance with this section. If the Employer does not comply with the above procedure as to payment for discharge, the employee shall be paid for eight (8) hours additional pay at his straight time rate for each day (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted) until paid. When employees quit of their own accord they shall receive the pay due them no later than the next regular payday. Payments will be assumed to be correct and there shall be no adjustments made unless the employees file a protest within fifteen (15) days after receiving check.
Payday. (a) Wages shall be paid at biweekly intervals on Fridays for the two week payroll period ending not less than four nor more than ten days prior to the pay date, provided that if the regular pay date falls on a holiday payment shall be made on the preceding workday.
Payday. 1. Payday shall be the fifteenth (15th) day of the month and the last day of the month. If the payday falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, then the last working day before such Saturday, Sunday or holiday shall be the payday.
Payday. Salary checks will be distributed on alternate Fridays throughout the school year. Paydays will not vary from stated time except when that particular Friday falls on a holiday or days when school does not normally meet, in which case checks will be distributed at the earliest convenient day nearest to that Friday. The Board reserves the right to establish the first payday of each new fiscal year.
Payday. Wages shall be paid on Friday of each week and shall include all work performed up until twelve (12) midnight of the previous Sunday.
Payday. Paychecks will be disbursed on a bi-weekly schedule. Payday will be every other Thursday. This disbursement schedule is predicated upon normal working conditions and is subject to adjustment for cause beyond the City's control.
Payday. 23.1 Payday shall be biweekly and in no case shall more than six (6) days' pay be held back. Employees shall be paid prior to the end of their assigned shift.
Payday. 11.1 All employees covered by this PLA shall be paid by payroll check, and shall be paid weekly no later than the end of shift Friday. No more than five (5) days wages may be withheld.
Payday. The parties agree to the present payday which is every other Thursday at 3:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. and Friday at 6:00 a.m. Employees whose scheduled shift ends at 2:00 PM will be permitted to get their checks at 2:00 PM.