Payday Sample Clauses

Payday. (a) Employees shall be paid biweekly.
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Payday. 1. Payday shall be the fifteenth (15th) day of the month and the last day of the month. If the payday falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, then the last working day before such Saturday, Sunday or holiday shall be the payday.
Payday. (a) Wages shall be paid at biweekly intervals on Fridays for a two weeks' payroll period ending not less than four nor more than ten days prior to the pay date, provided that if the regular pay date falls on a holiday payment shall be made on the preceding workday.
Payday. A. General government employees shall be paid on a bi-weekly basis. Each employee may choose among the options currently provided by the employing unit for receiving paychecks. The Employer will take reasonable measures within its control to ensure that employees’ paychecks are received in a timely fashion. (DAS-GSE, see Appendix B)
Payday. 23.01 The Employer shall establish a weekly pay day. All employees covered by this agreement shall be paid in full each week. For accounting purposes, the Employer may defer payment of not more than seven (7) calendar days of earnings dating from the close of the preceding pay period.
Payday. 28.01 Bargaining unit members will be paid by automatic payroll deposit on a bi-weekly basis. Employee shall be provided a detailed spreadsheet showing daily times and earnings.
Payday. Employees shall be paid on or before the 15th of the month. In June, the district will have two payrolls.
Payday. Paychecks will be disbursed on a bi-weekly schedule. Payday will be every other Thursday. This disbursement schedule is predicated upon normal working conditions and is subject to adjustment for cause beyond the City's control.
Payday. 23.1 Payday shall be biweekly and in no case shall more than six (6) days' pay be held back. Employees shall be paid prior to the end of their assigned shift.
Payday. 18.1 Payday shall be biweekly and in no case shall more than six (6) days’ pay be held back. Paychecks will generally be available by noon on payday.