Parking Garage Sample Clauses

Parking Garage. Section 4.5 and Article 25 of the Original Lease are hereby deleted in their entirety and Article 25 of the Original Lease is replaced with the following in lieu thereof: While Lessee is occupying the Premises and is not in default, Lessee shall have the right in common with other Lessees to use the Parking Spaces allocated in the Lease, subject to any applicable parking fees and rules and regulations promulgated from time to time. If requested by Lessor, Lessee shall execute a separate parking license agreement detailing Lessor’s and Lessee’s rights and obligations with respect to the Parking Spaces. Lessee shall be entitled to use only the number of spaces so allocated. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to grant to Lessee any estate in real property nor the exclusive right to a particular Parking Space, but rather as a license only. Lessee acknowledges that the parking facility located adjacent to the Project (the “Parking Garage”) is owned by a third party (the “Parking Facility Owner”). Lessor has a right to grant the use of certain parking places within the Parking Garage to Lessees of the Project. The Parking Spaces provided to Lessee under this Lease are subject to the terms and conditions of Lessor’s rights with respect to such Parking Spaces. Lessee shall be entitled to use the Parking Spaces designated in this Lease unless and until it fails to pay the monthly rental for such Parking Spaces when due, which shall constitute a default under this Lease, and such rights shall be immediately suspended if all such monthly rental is not paid in full within five (5) business days after written notice to Lessee of such failure to pay, subject to all other remedies available within the Lease. Subject to other provisions in this Lease, Lessee’s right to use the Parking Spaces is expressly subject to any casualty loss, which results in Parking Spaces being unavailable, reasonable limitations on parking hours and operations, parking access card systems or similar access control devices, including stickers or other identification system established by Lessor or the Parking Facility Owner. Lessee shall be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations applicable to the Parking Garage, underground parking facilities and surface parking. Lessee acknowledges that limited surface parking is available within the Project and that Lessee’s invitees will be entitled to use of the same on a non-exclusive basis for loading and unloading of passengers...
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Parking Garage a. The Parking Garage is rented for the term of the tenant’s lease.
Parking Garage. If and at such time that the Parking Garage referred to in Section 8 below is constructed on Zoo property, the Parking Garage shall be included within the definition of “Premises” under this Agreement.
Parking Garage. In the event that the District elects to construct a Parking Garage on Parcel H-3 that is intended principally to serve the convention center component of the RHCC (the “Parking Garage”), the District may elect to pay for the Parking Garage using some or all of the Special Tax Revenues in an amount not to exceed $40,000,000. If the District elects to fund the Parking Garage using Special Tax Revenues, the District shall use such Special Tax Revenues in accordance with a separate agreement to be entered into by the Parties. The District shall designate any funds generated by the operation of the Parking Garage for the purpose of paying for the construction of the Parking Garage or reimbursing the Special Tax District for such expense (the “Parking Garage Operating Revenue Offset”).
Parking Garage. To meet the City’s parking requirements and Historic Requirements for the Project, an underground parking garage, with a portion located within the City Easement Area, is essential to the Project during the life of the Project. The Developer shall be solely responsible for the design, permitting, construction, operation, maintenance, repair, and security of the Parking Garage, including the portion on the City Easement Area (consisting of approximately thirty-two (32) parking spaces and one drive aisle). As part of the consideration for City entering into this Agreement and granting Developer the right to locate a portion of the Parking Garage on the Parking Garage Easement Area, Developer shall grant an irrevocable license to the City to provide public parking in the Parking Garage, including rights of ingress and egress to and from the Parking Garage on the 220 Park Property, which shall have priority over Mortgagees, pursuant to the terms of a City Easement and Public Use Agreement in a form substantially similar to Exhibit D attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference.
Parking Garage. If the District expends District general funds on the construction of the Parking Garage, the District shall be entitled to reimbursement out of available Special Tax Revenues upon providing the City’s designated Financing District administrator with reasonable evidence that the District has completed, or has caused the completion of such construction. The District may elect to perform the work itself or contract with any third party at its election to perform the work. If Special Tax Revenues are not immediately available for reimbursement, the City shall cause the payment of Special District Revenues to the District in installment payments until such amounts are reimbursed in full. The District shall have up to three years from the time the Parking Garage is completed to request reimbursement from the City. As more particularly provided in the Implementation Agreement and/or the Amended and Restated Revenue Sharing Agreement between the Parties, to the extent Rental Car Fees or alternative (non-general fund) funding sources are available, the District’s right to reimbursement under this Section out of Special Tax Revenues shall be offset by such amounts.
Parking Garage. 18.1. The Lessee represents that it is aware that the Building houses a parking garage for private and commercial vehicles up to 3 tons and a maximum height of 2.2 meters that is designated for the use of the Building’s tenants and the public. However, the public garage shall not be included in the Building’s Public Areas (in order to calculate the Lessee’s pro rata share for Management Fee purposes – see section 11.10 above). The Lessee shall have the right to lease parking spaces in the parking garage from the Lessor in consideration of parking rental fees to be paid on a per parking space basis, as set forth in Appendix J to this Agreement. For the removal of doubt, it is hereby clarified that parking rights shall be allocated to a particular vehicle in a specific and defined parking space (to be determined by the Lessor and/or the Management Company). In addition to any other payment it is obligated to make under this Agreement, the Lessee undertakes to deposit a certain amount with the Lessor in connection with the remote controls to be provided to the Lessee for its use of the parking garage, as set forth in Appendix J.
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Parking Garage. The Parcel 1 Owner may establish from time to time such reasonable and non-discriminatory rules and regulations applicable to the Parking Garage as it may deem necessary or prudent for the efficient use and operation thereof, which rules and regulations may provide, among other things, for towing of cars parked in violation of posted signs. The Parcel 1 Owner shall have the right to install parking access gates and/or security systems or devices, provided that the Parcel 2 Owner (or its lessees or sublessees) shall at all times have access to the Parking Garage Easement Area. The Parcel 2 Owner shall cooperate with the Parcel 1 Owner in assuring that the total number of vehicles parked in the Parking Garage by the Parcel 2 Owner (or its lessees or sublessees) and invitees to the Parcel 2 Owner's building does not exceed thirty-eight (38) (i.e., the number of Parcel 2 Spaces). If the Parcel 2 Owner installs striping and signage designating the Parcel 2 Spaces as required by Section 2(e), then the Parcel 2 Spaces shall be regulated and administered as exclusive parking spaces.
Parking Garage. The parking garage (which garage may be in part a public parking garage) located as shown on Exhibit B-3 attached hereto.
Parking Garage. The parking areas associated with the Building Complex on the Block, including, without limitation, any walkway connecting the Parking Garage to the Building, stairways, elevators and mechanical systems. The Parking Garage and the Building may be owned or managed separately. Parking Rights and Charges. If Tenant is granted any rights to parking in the Parking Garage, such rights and all charges to Tenant for same are described in Exhibit G attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference.
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