Parking Facilities Sample Clauses

Parking Facilities. All parking areas now or hereafter made available by Landlord for use by tenants, including, without limitation, open-air parking, parking decks and parking areas under or within the Building, whether reserved, exclusive, non-exclusive or otherwise.
Parking Facilities. When an employee reports for work within the studio zone other than at a studio to work inside or outside such zone, the Producer will pay for parking in a supervised public parking lot. If no such public parking is available, the Producer will provide supervised or secured parking.
Parking Facilities. Tenant acknowledges and agrees that any parking spaces provided by Landlord in and around the Building or Premises are solely for the convenience of the customers of Tenant and of other tenants of the Building, and that no portion of any such parking facilities is reserved for Tenant, its employees or its customers unless otherwise specifically designated by Landlord in the Basic Provisions. Landlord expressly reserves the right to establish and enforce reasonable rules and regulations throughout the Term of this Lease concerning the use of the parking area, and Landlord shall be entitled to tow away vehicles parked in violation of such rules. Tenant agrees that Tenant and its employees will not park in the parking area serving the Building except in that area, if any, specifically designated in writing by Landlord for that purpose. Upon the request of Landlord, Tenant shall provide Landlord on a periodic basis with a current list of Tenant’s employees and their respective vehicle license numbers, and shall promptly notify Landlord of any changes in such list. STC-1
Parking Facilities. Landlord shall maintain and operate, or cause to be maintained and operated, automobile parking facilities ("Parking Facilities") in, adjacent to or within a reasonable distance from the Building. Tenant's privileges during such time with respect to the Parking Facilities shall be in accordance with the provisions of the attached Exhibit "G."
Parking Facilities. The Employer will make every effort to provide adequate security in all parking facilities owned by the PHT especially during change of shifts. The Employer will continue its practice of providing one (1) month free parking for all employees whose cars are vandalized or stolen. Employees are encouraged to contact the Security Department for after-hours escort to and from parking facilities.
Parking Facilities. The Company will provide adequate parking facilities for all employees at all new terminals and where parking facilities are presently being provided they will be maintained.
Parking Facilities. Landlord shall make available to Tenant, throughout the Term, permits for Tenant and its employees and invitees to park, at any given time, on an unreserved basis, four (4) cars in the Parking Facility for each 1000 Rentable Square Feet of the Premises, subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as Landlord may establish. Parking may be access controlled. There shall be no charge for any of the parking spaces specified herein during the Term or any Renewal Term. Tenant understands that parking patterns and areas may be modified by Landlord in its sole discretion provided such modification does not unreasonably interfere with Tenant’s use of the Parking Facility and parking spaces and private access roads and building appurtenances on the Land. Landlord shall have no liability for any damage to persons or property which may occur in, on, or about the Parking Facility.
Parking Facilities. All parking areas now or hereafter designated by Landlord for use by tenants of the Project and/or their guests and invitees, including, without limitation, surface parking, parking decks, parking structures and parking areas under or within the Project whether reserved, exclusive, non-exclusive or otherwise.
Parking Facilities. Tenant shall be entitled to the non-exclusive use of the parking lot. Tenant shall comply with all rules and regulations which Landlord may adopt from time to time for the operation and use of such parking facilities.