Immediately available definition

Immediately available means the physical presence of the health professional or the hospital
Immediately available means the physical presence of the health professional or the hospital resource within the trauma center to evaluate and care for the trauma patient.
Immediately available means the pharmacist and pharmacy an- cillary personnel or interns are on the same physical premises, or if not, technology is used to enable real time, two-way communications between the pharmacist and technician(s).

Examples of Immediately available in a sentence

  • Immediately available: Collateral received should be capable of being fully enforced at any time without reference to or approval from the counterparty.

More Definitions of Immediately available

Immediately available means: a) dedicated to the trauma center while on duty,b) unencumbered by conflicting duties or responsibilities; c) responding without delay when notified; and d) being physically present within the patient treatment area when the patient arrives or within fifteen (15) minutes of placement of call, whichever is later, and not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes from patient arrival, with a minimum documented compliance rate of 80% for each calendar month, and in no case greater than thirty (30) minutes from time call is placed.
Immediately available means a parent or guardian remains onsite at the address of the child care center.
Immediately available means continuous availability of direct communication with the MRT unit in person or by radio, telephone, or telecommunication.
Immediately available means with any marketing materials presented to a member of the faculty.
Immediately available means in the same physical
Immediately available means on site in the facility and available for immediate use.
Immediately available means stored in plain and open view in the area where it will be used; not obstructed, blocked or covered in any way and capable of being quickly deployed.