Orientation Meeting Sample Clauses

Orientation Meeting. Within thirty (30) calendar days from execution of the Contract, Vendor and Order Fulfillers will be required to attend an orientation meeting to discuss the content and procedures of the Contract to include reporting requirements. DIR, at its discretion, may waive the orientation requirement for Vendors who have previously held DIR contracts. The meeting will be held in the Austin, Texas area at a date and time mutually acceptable to DIR and the Vendor or by teleconference, at DIR’s discretion. DIR shall bear no cost for the time and travel of the Vendor or Order Fulfillers for attendance at the meeting.
Orientation Meeting. 5.01 The Company shall allow new employees up to fifteen (15) minutes time off with pay during regular working hours in order to meet with a Shop Xxxxxxx. Said Shop Xxxxxxx shall also receive such time off with pay. A full-time Union Representative shall be entitled to attend any such meeting. This meeting shall take place during the first (1st) calendar week the new employee commences working for the Company. The purpose of the meeting shall be to familiarize the new employee with the Union and the Collective Agreement.
Orientation Meeting. The College will provide reasonable advance notice to HCAFA about each College- wide adjunct employee meeting occurring during orientation week. At such meetings, the College will give HCAFA the opportunity to address new and returning adjunct employees.
Orientation Meeting. By the third week of the semester the Coordinator will contact the candidate to ascertain the member they have chosen for the ITRC. The Coordinator will then schedule the initial orientation meeting which will include the three members of the ITRC and the candidate. The orientation meeting should take place no later than the end of the fourth week of the semester. The members of the ITRC will select one of the three (3) members to serve as chair of the Orientation Meeting and for all subsequent meetings of the ITRC. At this meeting the Individual Tenure Review Committee form (form A) shall be completed and signed. The ITRC chair will provide to the candidate a blank copy of the counseling evaluation form (form F), librarian evaluation form (form G), or general non-classroom faculty observation form (form H), the self- assessment criteria (form C1 or C2, as appropriate), and the student evaluation form for those faculty who regularly interact with students (forms N, O, or P). The members of the ITRC should discuss with the candidate their expectations for the observations and professional duties evaluation and ensure that the candidate understands upon what criteria their assessment of his/her performance will be based.
Orientation Meeting. All StageLights actors and at least one parent or guardian from each family must attend a brief Information Meeting that will take place at the very beginning of each workshop. Please arrive early on the first day to allow for any final registration requirements before the start of the meeting. We will begin registration at 8:30 am. Workshop Meeting Date and Time Encore, Act III, and Act II Act I, Scene I Act I, Scene II June 26, 9:00 am June 26, 1:00 pm July 10, 9:00 am Volunteering: Parents/guardians of each child are also strongly encouraged to volunteer as part of our “StageLights Boosters” to make your child’s experience a success. Volunteer activities include providing items for concessions, selling concessions, helping with the after party, etc. Concessions Donations: All Act III and Encore students will be required to provide inexpensive items for concessions. Details will follow. Ticket Sales: Encore and Act III students and their parents are encouraged to sell at least 10 show tickets (for either the Encore or Act III show) per student. All tickets should be purchased with the advance ticket forms that will be provided on our website and at the first meeting. Program Ad Sales: We encourage each Encore and Act III StageLights family to sell at least one program ad to a local business. (Ads start as low as $25 for a ¼ page.) Business program ads are separate from the personal “shout-outs” that families can purchase for their actors. Ad order forms are available on the StageLights web site.
Orientation Meeting. An orientation meeting shall be held for all newly hired full-time probationary faculty members within the first four weeks of the fall semester of the first full contract year of employment (first academic year). The academic area leader shall call this meeting at which the first order of business shall be election by the committee of the chairperson of the Individual Tenure Review Committee. The elected chairperson shall preside over the remainder of that meeting and over all subsequent meetings. The Individual Tenure Review Committee chairperson shall designate a substitute from the committee to serve in the event of his or her absence. The Individual Tenure Review Committee form (form A) shall be completed. Each probationary faculty member shall be given a copy of the job announcement under which s/he was hired, a blank copy of the administrative and peer evaluation form, and a blank copy of the student evaluation form. The probationary faculty member will be evaluated based upon the criteria described on these forms and the criteria enumerated in section 11.2 above. The chairperson of the Individual Tenure Review Committee shall be responsible for ascertaining that the probationary employee has received a description of and has clearly understood the evaluation process and the criteria under which s/he shall be evaluated.
Orientation Meeting. An orientation meeting will be held at a time and place mutually agreed to by CSEA Colusa Riverbenders Chapter #574 and the District.Release time will be provided to explain this contract.
Orientation Meeting. Each school year, a single orientation meeting will be held for all members of the Bargaining Unit on the Tuesday following Labor Day and classes may begin the next day. However, when a component school requires student attendance on the Tuesday following Labor Day, the orientation meeting may be held before Labor Day on a date jointly selected by the District Superintendent and the President of the Faculty Association and classes may begin anytime after Labor Day.