Distribute to Sample Clauses

Distribute to the Contract owners copies of the Funds' prospectus, proxy materials, periodic fund reports to shareholders and other materials that the Funds are required by law or otherwise to provide to their shareholders or prospective shareholders.
Distribute to. APPENDIX EGRIEVANCE REPORT FORM XXXXXXX EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 1. Xxxx Xxxx, Superintendent 2. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Human Resources 3. Xxxxx Xxxxx, JEA President
Distribute to each Lender its Pro Rata Share (or other applicable share as expressly provided herein) of any payment received by the Agent in like funds as received or (b) make such payment to the Collateral Agent to the extent such payment is required to be paid to the Collateral Agent pursuant to the Intercreditor Agreement. Any payment received by the Agent later than the time specified above shall be deemed to have been received on the following Business Day and any applicable interest or fee shall continue to accrue.
Distribute to the Holders of the Overcollateralization Certificates, the Total Distribution Amount remaining after the application of clauses (A) through (D) and only after the Notes have been paid in full, until the Certificate Balance has been reduced to zero; and
Distribute to the Eligible Beneficiaries a part of the Net Income in the amounts and in the manner referred to in Sub-clause 4.2.2; and Accumulate
Distribute to each participating resident a questionnaire w/stamped addressed envelope requesting information as to the Independent Contractor’s professionalism throughout the entire tree removal process and experience.
Distribute to. [Fund] 30% of all remaining cash of [Flags] and distribute to [SFOG] 70% of such remaining cash; and
Distribute to each Unit Holder of the Trust, upon surrender for cancellation of his Certificate or Certificates, such Holder's pro rata share of the balance of the Interest Account of the Trust;