Execution of the Contract Sample Clauses

Execution of the Contract. 30.1 This Contract and any amendments thereto may be executed in any number of counterparts with the same effect as if all parties hereto had signed the same document. All counterparts will be construed together and will constitute one and the same original agreement.
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Execution of the Contract. If bidder is notified in writing by statutory mail of the acceptance of this bid within thirty-five days after time set for the opening of bids, bidder agrees to execute within ten days the Contract for the Work for the above stated Bid, as adjusted by the accepted Alternates, and at the same time to furnish and deliver to the Owner a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond on forms shown in Section 7 of the General Conditions of the Contract, both in an amount of equal to 100 percent of the Contract Sum.
Execution of the Contract. Execution of the Contract by the Contractor is a representation that the Contractor has visited the site, become generally familiar with local conditions under which the Work is to be performed and correlated personal observations with requirements of the Contract Documents.
Execution of the Contract. The Contract shall be countersigned manually or in facsimile by the Managing Trustee and executed manually by the Seller and shall be dated the date of execution and delivery by the Seller.
Execution of the Contract. II.1.1. The successful tenderer will execute the contract with the utmost professionalism. The successful tenderer will be solely responsible for compliance with all legal obligations incumbent upon them, in particular those arising from labour, tax and social laws.
Execution of the Contract. 3.1. The Accommodation Agreement shall be entered into with the acceptance of the reservation made by the contracting party on the part of the accommodation provider, i. e. with the transmission of the confirmation of reservation in accordance with clause 2.3.
Execution of the Contract. The whole contract is to be executed in the most approved and workmanlike manner to the entire satisfaction of the President of India or the Inspecting Officer who both personally and by any deputy appointed on his behalf shall have powers to reject any of the work of which he may disapprove, and his decision thereon and on any question as to the true intent and meaning of the specification or drawings of the work necessary for the proper completion of the contract shall be final and conclusive.
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Execution of the Contract. By downloading the App and – according to the app store from where the App is downloaded – by clicking the “Install” button (or similar), Users signal their intent to enter into the Contract, which determines the execution of the Contract with the User. In order to complete the registration procedure, and therefore activate the App, the User will receive a link via an e-mail message sent to the e-mail address provided. This is aimed at confirming the User’s e-mail address and completing the registration. Users are able to activate the App at any time by clicking on this link; however, please note that Users will not be able to access any Services until they have confirmed registration in this manner. The Contract will be deemed as entered into on the moment and place where the User confirms their registration. By means of this conduct, as well as by using the App’s Services, the Users declares to accept the Terms of Use included in this Contract. Users who do not intend to accept the Contract or those Terms of Use are therefore asked not to download the App, confirm the registration and/or use the related Services. By means of this conduct, as well as during the App installation process and by using the App itself, the User declares to accept the Terms of Use provided for in this Contract. Users who do not intend to accept the Contract are therefore asked not to download the App and/or use the related Services. Users may download the App from available app stores (e.g., App Store and Google Play) in order to install and use the App on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
Execution of the Contract. If the Community Development Department determines that the Contract is ready for signatures, it is routed through the City’s contract approval process. The Contract will not be signed unless all requirements are met.
Execution of the Contract. 34.9 The Concessionaire must keep, throughout the execution of the contract, in compatibility with the obligations undertaken by it, all the conditions of skills and qualifications required by ANP. Justifications‌
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