Early On Sample Clauses

Early On. The calendar shall reflect 201 days at 7 hours a day, not inclusive of a 30-minute duty-free lunch, but including 15 non-work days that shall be requested in advance through the designated reporting system. Employees assigned to Early On work a total of 186 paid days.

Related to Early On

  • Early Payment You may pay all or any part of your Outstanding Loan Balance at any time without notice, penalty or bonus.

  • Payment on Early Termination Upon termination pursuant to Section 14 (Early Termination), District shall pay Contractor as follows:

  • Early Occupancy If Tenant occupies the Property prior to the Commencement Date, Tenant's occupancy of the Property shall be subject to all of the provisions of this Lease. Early occupancy of the Property shall not advance the expiration date of this Lease. Tenant shall pay Base Rent and all other charges specified in this Lease for the early occupancy period.

  • Early Termination In the absence of any material breach of this Agreement, should the Trust elect to terminate this Agreement prior to the end of the term, the Trust agrees to pay the following fees: