Nomination Sample Clauses

Nomination. The policyholder is required at the inception of the policy to make a nomination for the purpose of payment of claims under the policy in the event of death of the policyholder. Any change of nomination shall be communicated to the company in writing and such change shall be effective only when an endorsement on the policy is made. In the event of death of the policyholder, the Company will pay the nominee {as named in the Policy Schedule/Policy Certificate/Endorsement (if any)} and in case there is no subsisting nominee, to the legal heirs or legal representatives of the Policyholder whose discharge shall be treated as full and final discharge of its liability under the Policy.
Nomination. The Allottee admits and accepts that before the execution and registration of conveyance deed of the Said Apartment And Appurtenances, the Allottee will be entitled to nominate, assign and/or transfer the Allottee’s right, title, interest and obligations under this Agreement on payment of 2% (two percent) of the market price prevailing at that time (to be determined by the Promoter) as nomination charge to the Promoter subject to the covenant by the nominee that the nominee will strictly adhere to the terms of this Agreement and subject also to the below mentioned conditions:
Nomination. If prior to execution of the conveyance, the Allottee(s) nominates his/their booked apartment unto and in favor of any other person or persons in his/her/their place and stead, the allottee may do so with the permission of the Promoter. However the first 18 (eighteen) months from the date of Application/Booking shall be a Lock-in Period during which time the Allottee shall not be permitted to nominate in favor of any third party. At the time of nomination, the new purchaser will be compulsorily required to register the Agreement for Sale/Nomination Agreement. The Allottee shall pay a sum calculated @ 2% of the Total Price or the Nomination Price whichever is higher, plus applicable taxes, as and by way of nomination fees to the Promoter. Any additional income tax liability that may become payable by the Promoter due to nomination by the Allottee because of higher market valuation as per the registration authorities on the date of nomination and/or the extra registration fees to be paid to the registration authorities due to nomination, shall be compensated by the Allottee paying to the Promoter agreed compensation equivalent to the income tax payable on such difference at the highest applicable tax rate at the prevailing time or the estimated extra registration fees. Such amount shall be payable by the Allottee on or before nomination.
Nomination. Subject to the rights of holders of any class or series of stock having a preference over the common stock as to dividends or upon liquidation, nominations for the election of directors may be made by the Board of Directors or by any stockholder entitled to vote in the election of directors generally. However, any stockholder entitled to vote in the election of directors generally may nominate one or more persons for election as directors at a meeting only if written notice of such stockholder's intent to make such nomination or nominations has been given, either by personal delivery or by United States mail, postage prepaid, to the secretary of the Corporation not later than (i) with respect to an election to be held at an annual meeting of stockholders the close of business on the last day of the eighth month after the immediately preceding annual meeting of stockholders, and (ii) with respect to an election to be held at a special meeting of stockholders for the election of directors, the close of business on the fifth day following the date on which notice of such meeting is first given to stockholders. Each such notice shall set forth: (a) the name and address of the stockholder who intends to make the nomination and of the person or persons to be nominated; (b) a representation that the stockholder is a holder of record of stock of the Corporation entitled to vote at such meeting and intends to appear in person or by proxy at the meeting to nominate the person or persons specified in the notice; (c) a description of all arrangements or understandings between the stockholder and each nominee and any other person or persons (naming such person or persons) pursuant to which the nomination or nominations are to be made by the stockholder; (d) such other information regarding each nominee proposed by such stockholder as would be required to be included in a proxy statement filed pursuant to the proxy rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission, had the nominee been nominated, or intended to be nominated, by the Board of Directors, and; (e) the consent of each nominee to serve as a director of the Corporation if so elected. The presiding officer at the meeting may refuse to acknowledge the nomination of any person not made in compliance with the foregoing procedure.
Nomination. Nomination for election to the Board of Directors m may be made by a Nominating Committee. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chairman, who shall be a member of the Board of Directors, and two or more members of the Association. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors prior to each annual meeting of the members, to serve from the close of such annual meeting until the close of the next annual meeting and such appointment shall be announced at each annual meeting. The Nominating Committee shall make as many nominations for election to the Board of Directors as it shall in its discretion determine, but not less than the number of vacancies that are to be filled. Such nominations may be made from among members or non-members.
Nomination. Any deficit or surplus of quantities shall be covered or taken over by the Transmission System Operator insofar as technical capacities allow and shall charge these services to the Network User in accordance with the Rules for the balancing market of natural gas and the Rules for calculating deviations of the intake and offtake of natural gas. The Network User shall notify the Transmission System Operator of any change to the natural gas supplier or balancing group leader specified in Article 1 hereof for the exit point to which this Framework Agreement relates, in the manner and by the deadlines specified in the applicable regulations.
Nomination. For all quantities of gas that are to be scheduled beginning on the first day of any month, Customer will provide written notice, in a form to be provided by Company, either via the Company's electronic bulletin board or via telefacsimile, no later than eleven (11:00) am CT three (3) business days prior to the month of delivery. For all quantities that are to be scheduled or changed any day after the first day of any month, Customer will provide either via the Company's electronic bulletin board or via telefacsimile, notice by eleven (11:00) am CT on the day prior to the day of the proposed change. Company may waive any part of the notice requirement upon request if, in Company's sole judgment, operating conditions permit such waiver. In addition to the information required on the nomination form, Customer will specify whether the gas scheduled is current month deliveries or imbalance payback quantities.
Nomination. Subject at all times to Sections 2(c) and 9(m) herein, as long as Kirin continues to hold at least 50% of the shares of Common Stock Kirin holds as of the date of this Agreement (as adjusted for any stock dividends, combinations, splits, recapitalizations and the like with respect to such shares of Common Stock) (the “Kirin Nomination Requirement”) the Company shall take Necessary Action to support the nomination of, and cause the Board of Directors (or the nominating committee thereof) to recommend and include in the slate of nominees recommended to the Company’s stockholders for election as directors of the Company at each Election Meeting, one (1) person designated at any time and from time to time by Kirin (the “Kirin Designee”) to the Board of Directors as a director; provided that, the Company shall have no obligation to support the nomination of or cause the Board of Directors to include in the slate of nominees recommended to the Company’s stockholders for election as directors of the Company a Kirin Designee if Kirin already has a Kirin Designee serving as a director on the Board of Directors at the time of the Election Meeting and the term(s) of such Kirin Designee as a director on the Board of Directors does not expire at such Election Meeting. Kirin will provide the Company, in writing, the information about any Kirin Designee that is reasonably required by applicable law promptly after the Company requests such information from Kirin, and will cause any Kirin Designee to submit on a timely basis to the Company a completed and executed questionnaire in the form that the Company provides to its outside directors generally.