Tripartite Agreement definition

Tripartite Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Recital VI of this Agreement;
Tripartite Agreement means the Tripartite Agreement dated as of the date of this Agreement among Lessor, Lessee and Remainderman.
Tripartite Agreement means an agreement between Administrations for the carriage of unassessed liquid substances in accordance with MEPC Circular 265;

Examples of Tripartite Agreement in a sentence

  • The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) continues to provide support to the OPCW Mission in the Syrian Arab Republic in accordance with the Tripartite Agreement concluded between the OPCW, UNOPS, and the Syrian Arab Republic.

  • With the exception of the Principles of Agreement found in the Tripartite Agreement on Health and Safety Committees in Article 89, the parties agree that these principle statements are not subject to the grievance/arbitration procedure on their own standing.

  • If the Service Provider violates the Tripartite Agreement executed between DHBVN, Service Provider and the Bank.

  • The payment of wages and other statutory benefits to workers shall be made as per detailed format by Service Provider through “ESCROW ACCOUNT operated under a Tripartite Agreement to be executed between DHBVNL, Service Provider and the Bank specifying stakes of each party and payroll submitted by the Service Provider shall be forwarded to bank for making listed payments to stake holders.

  • Only those Original Manufacturer / Director Importer and Authorized Representatives shall be permitted to enter into Tripartite Agreement who shall fill and upload (Letter of Authorization) along with e-bid.

More Definitions of Tripartite Agreement

Tripartite Agreement means the tripartite agreement in relation to arrangements at the interconnection point at Moffat between National Grid, GNI (UK) and Premier Transmission dated 29th September 2015;
Tripartite Agreement means an agreement between three parties, namely, the Concessionaire, the Project Authority and IDF-NBFC that also binds all the parties thereto to the terms and conditions of the other Agreements referred to therein
Tripartite Agreement means any agreement between The Football Association Limited and The Premier League and The League relating inter alia to the formation of The Premier League.
Tripartite Agreement means the Tripartite Agreement dated 18 December 2007 and made between the Builder, the Borrower and the Time Charterer.
Tripartite Agreement means the Tripartite Agreement signed among the Successful Bidder, New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (NREDCAP) and Procurer according to the terms and conditions of the Tripartite Agreement enclosed with this RFP;
Tripartite Agreement means the Interim Agreement for FERC Application Filing among Owner, Contractor and Chart dated March 30, 2017.
Tripartite Agreement means a tripartite agreement to be entered into between the Sellers, the Buyers and the Auction Company in respect of payment of the Intermediate Instalment and the Balance.