Purchaser will Sample Clauses

Purchaser will. (i) deliver to Seller the portion of the Purchase Price for the Shares to be purchased at such Closing, or the Purchase Option Price in the case of the Purchase Option Closing, by wire transfer of immediately available funds to an account designated by Seller; and
Purchaser will. (i) maintain comprehensive general liability (occurrence) insurance in an amount not less than Two Million and No/100 Dollars ($2,000,000.00) and on terms (including (A) contractual indemnity coverage with respect to the indemnity in Section 4.5.3 and (B) a requirement that Seller be notified 30 days prior to any cancellation) satisfactory to Seller covering any accident arising in connection with the presence or activities of Purchaser or those entering the Property at the direction of Purchaser for purposes of conducting Due Diligence on the Property, and, prior to entry upon the Property, deliver to Seller a certificate of insurance verifying such coverage and confirming that Seller is named as an additional insured on such coverage; (ii) promptly pay when due the costs of all inspections, entries, samplings and tests and examinations done with regard to the Property; and (iii) promptly restore the Property to its condition as existed immediately prior to any such inspection, investigations, examinations, entries, samplings and tests, but in no event later than ten (10) days after the damage occurs (unless not commercially reasonably to fully address within such ten (10) day period in which case Purchaser may have a reasonable additional time to cure provided that it commences such cure within the 10-day period and thereafter diligently pursues completion of the cure within 120 days thereafter).
Purchaser will upon request by Infineon, execute or procure the execution of all additional documents or instruments as may reasonably be required to give effect to the transactions contemplated in this Agreement.

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  • The Purchaser (a) is not an employee benefit or other plan subject to the prohibited transaction provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended ("ERISA"), or Section 4975 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (a "Plan"), or any other person (including an investment manager, a named fiduciary or a trustee of any Plan) acting, directly or indirectly, on behalf of or purchasing any Certificate with "plan assets" of any Plan within the meaning of the Department of Labor ("DOL") regulation at 29 C.F.R. ss.2510.3-101; or

  • Purchaser The Placement Agent has made such reasonable inquiry as is necessary to determine that the Purchaser is acquiring the Capital Securities for its own account, that the Purchaser does not intend to distribute the Capital Securities in contravention of the Securities Act or any other applicable securities laws, and that the Purchaser is not a "U.S. person" as that term is defined under Rule 902 of the Securities Act.

  • Buyer Buyer, , will take title to the Property 17 described below as Joint Tenants Tenants In Common Other .

  • Purchaser Closing Deliveries No later than 1 Business Day prior to the Closing Date (except for the balance of the Purchase Price which is to be delivered at the time specified in Section 2.2.3), Purchaser shall deliver to the Escrow Agent (for disbursement to Seller upon the Closing) the following items:

  • Purchase Price Closing (a) The total amount which the buying party shall pay the selling party in a purchase shall be the amount that the selling party would have received if the Company (i) sold the Property for an amount equal to the Buy-Sell Stated Value, (ii) satisfied the indebtedness of the Company specifically referred to in subsection (b) below (and no other liabilities) out of the sale proceeds and (iii) distributed the remaining balance to Administrative Agent and PACOP in accordance with their respective percentage ownership interests in the Company (i.e., 51%, in the case of PACOP, and up to 49%, in the case of Administrative Agent).

  • Purchaser Representative (a) The Purchaser, on behalf of itself and its Subsidiaries, successors and assigns, by execution and delivery of this Agreement, hereby irrevocably appoints Zhengqi International Holding Limited, in its capacity as the Purchaser Representative, as each such Person’s agent, attorney-in-fact and representative, with full power of substitution to act in the name, place and stead of such Person, to act on behalf of such Person from and after the Closing in connection with: (i) bringing, managing, controlling, defending and settling on behalf of a Indemnified Party any indemnification claims by any of them under Article VI; (ii) acting on behalf of such Person under the Escrow Agreement; (iii) terminating, amending or waiving on behalf of such Person any provision of this Agreement or any Ancillary Documents to which the Purchaser Representative is a party; (iv) signing on behalf of such Person any releases or other documents with respect to any dispute or remedy arising under this Agreement or any Ancillary Documents to which the Purchaser Representative is a party; (v) employing and obtaining the advice of legal counsel, accountants and other professional advisors as the Purchaser Representative, in its reasonable discretion, deems necessary or advisable in the performance of its duties as the Purchaser Representative and to rely on their advice and counsel; (vi) incurring and paying reasonable out-of-pocket costs and expenses, including fees of brokers, attorneys and accountants incurred pursuant to the transactions contemplated hereby, and any other reasonable out-of-pocket fees and expenses allocable or in any way relating to such transaction or any indemnification claim; and (vii) otherwise enforcing the rights and obligations of any such Persons under this Agreement and the Ancillary Documents to which the Purchaser Representative is a party, including giving and receiving all notices and communications hereunder or thereunder on behalf of such Person; provided, that the Parties acknowledge that the Purchaser Representative is specifically authorized and directed to act on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the holders of Purchaser Securities (other than the Company Shareholders immediately prior to the Effective Time and their respective successors and assigns). All decisions and actions by the Purchaser Representative, including any agreement between the Purchaser Representative and the Company, Seller Representative, any Company Shareholder or Indemnifying Party relating to the defense or settlement of any indemnification claims for which an Indemnifying Party may be required to indemnify an Indemnified Party pursuant to Article VI, shall be binding upon the Purchaser and its Subsidiaries, successors and assigns, and they (nor any other Party) shall have the right to object, dissent, protest or otherwise contest the same. The provisions of this Section 10.14 are irrevocable and coupled with an interest. The Purchaser Representative hereby accepts its appointment and authorization as the Purchaser Representative under this Agreement.

  • Prior to Closing any news releases or other media releases to the public of information with respect to the sale of the Property or any matters set forth in this Offer will be made only in the form approved by Seller in writing.

  • Closing Deliveries of Purchaser At the Closing, Purchaser shall deliver to Seller:

  • Termination Prior to Closing This Agreement may be terminated at any time prior to the Closing:

  • At the Closing (a) Seller will deliver to Buyer: