Policy Schedule definition

Policy Schedule means a schedule attached to these Terms and Benefits, which sets out, among others, the Policy Effective Date, Renewal Date, the name and the relevant particulars of the Policy Holder and the Insured Person, the eligible benefits, premium and other relevant details in respect of these Terms and Benefits.
Policy Schedule means the Policy Schedule attached to and forming part of Policy
Policy Schedule means the policy schedule and any endorsements attached to and forming part of the Policy and if any updated Schedule is issued, then, the Schedule latest in time.

Examples of Policy Schedule in a sentence

  • For this purpose we ignore limitations as to the driving or use as shown on your Policy Schedule or in any exclusion.

  • LIMIT OF INDEMNITYThe Limit of indemnity under this cover shall not exceed the Total Sum Insured given in the Policy Schedule or INR 15,000,000,000 whichever is lower.

  • Loss, destruction or damage to bullion or unset precious stones, any curios or works of art unless such amount is declared separately and recorded in the Policy Schedule.

  • You have declared all locations, and these are shown in the Policy Schedule.

  • You can also send it at the address mentioned in the Policy Schedule.

More Definitions of Policy Schedule

Policy Schedule means the schedule attached to and forming part of this Policy mentioning the details of the Insured Persons, the Sum Insured, the period and the limits to which Benefits under the Policy are subject to, including any Annexures and/or endorsements, made to or on it from time to time, and if more than one, then the latest in time.
Policy Schedule means a schedule attached to these Terms and Benefits,
Policy Schedule means the document which forms part of the insurance contract between you and us. It contains your name and gives details of the options you have selected such as the period of insurance, territory and cover provided under your Collision Damage Waiver & Supplemental Liability Plus Excess Insurance.
Policy Schedule means the “Policy Schedule” attached to this Policy which sets out the Policy details and the Period of Insurance.
Policy Schedule means that portion of the Policy which sets out Your personal details, the type and plan of insurance cover in force, the Policy duration and sum insured etc. Any Annexure or Endorsement to the Schedule shall also be a part of the Schedule.
Policy Schedule means the document giving mentioning the name of the Insured / Insured persons, Policy Period, scope of cover, limits to which benefits are subject to and other relevant terms and conditions