Death of the Sample Clauses

Death of the employee in which case payment shall be made to the surviving spouse, or if there is no surviving spouse, to the employee’s estate. Payment for sick leave under this policy shall be considered to eliminate all sick leave credit accrued by the employee at that time. Such payment shall be made within thirty
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Death of the. Contract Owner -- Distribution to be made in a manner consistent with the "Death of Contract Owner" provisions of this Contract.
Death of the. OWNER WHO IS NOT THE ANNUITANT PRIOR TO THE ANNUITY STARTING DATE Upon the death of any Owner, who is not the same as the Annuitant, the account value of the Net Single Premium Payment must be paid by the end of the calendar year containing the fifth anniversary of that Owner's death. However, each person who is or becomes an Owner in accordance with the Rights of Succession (Article 6, section 6.01) may elect to have the entire interest paid over his or her lifetime or over a period not exceeding his or her life expectancy. Payments are to begin on or before the end of the calendar year immediately following the year in which the Owner or Joint Owner died. Refer to Lifetime Income Payout Option (Article 6, section 6.10) for additional restrictions on Lifetime Only Payout Options.
Death of the. Dealer Principal named in the Dealer Ownership and Management Exhibit will result in the immediate termination of this agreement unless the provisions of Article 8.2 apply. [LAND ROVER LOGO]

Related to Death of the

  • Death of the Employee The TERM automatically terminates upon the death of the EMPLOYEE. In the event of such death, the EMPLOYEE's estate shall be entitled to receive the compensation due the EMPLOYEE through the last day of the calendar month in which the death occurred, except as otherwise specified herein.

  • Death of the Executive In the event of the Executive’s death before all payments or benefits the Executive is entitled to receive under this Agreement have been provided, the unpaid amounts will be provided to the Executive’s designated beneficiary, if living, or otherwise to the Executive’s personal representative in a single lump sum as soon as possible following the Executive’s death.

  • Death of the Annuitant If the Annuitant is not an Owner and dies prior to the Annuity Date, Owner 1 will become the new Annuitant unless you designate otherwise. If any Owner is not an individual, we will treat the death of the Annuitant as the death of an Owner.

  • Death of Optionee If the Optionee shall die while in the employ of the Company, Optionee's personal representative or the person entitled to Optionee's rights hereunder may at any time within six (6) months after the date of Optionee's death, or during the remaining term of this Option, whichever is the lesser, exercise this Option and purchase Shares to the extent, but only to the extent, that Optionee could have exercised this Option as of the date of Optionee's death; provided, in any case, that this Option may be so exercised only to the extent that this Option has not previously been exercised by Optionee.

  • DEATH OF BENEFICIARY Unless otherwise provided in the Beneficiary designation, if any Beneficiary dies before the Owner, that Beneficiary's interest will go to any other primary Beneficiaries named, according to their respective interests. If there are no primary Beneficiaries, the Beneficiaries' interest will pass to a contingent Beneficiary, if any. Prior to the Annuity Commencement Date, if no Beneficiary or contingent Beneficiary survives the Owner, the Death Benefits will be paid to the Owner's estate. Unless otherwise provided in the Beneficiary designation, once a Beneficiary is receiving Death Benefits or annuity payments under an Annuity Payment Option, the Beneficiary may name his or her own Beneficiary to receive any remaining benefits due under the Contract, should the original Beneficiary die prior to receipt of all benefits. If no Beneficiary is named or the named Beneficiary predeceases the original Beneficiary, any remaining benefits will continue to the original Beneficiary's estate. A Beneficiary designation must be made by Notice to LNY.

  • Death of Executive In the event of the death of Executive during the Employment Period, the Company’s obligations hereunder shall automatically cease and terminate; provided, however, that within 15 days the Company shall pay to Executive’s heirs or personal representatives Executive’s Base Salary and accrued vacation accrued to the date of death.

  • Death of Owner If the Owner dies before the sole surviving Annuitant and before the Annuity Date, the death benefit proceeds will be equal to the Death Benefit Amount as of the Notice Date. If the Owner dies before the sole surviving Annuitant and before the Annuity Date, we will pay the death benefit proceeds to the first among the following who is (1) living; or (2) an entity entitled to receive the death benefit proceeds:

  • Death of Grantee If the Grantee shall die during the term of this Option, the Grantee's legal representative or representatives, or the person or persons entitled to do so under the Grantee's last will and testament or under applicable intestate laws, shall have the right to exercise this Option, but only for the number of shares as to which the Grantee was entitled to exercise this Option in accordance with Section 2 hereof on the date of his death, and such right shall expire and this Option shall terminate one (1) year after the date of the Grantee's death or on the expiration date of this Option, whichever date is sooner. In all other respects, this Option shall terminate upon such death.

  • Death of Member Upon the death of the Member, the Company shall be dissolved. By separate written documentation, the Member shall designate and appoint the individual who will wind down the Company’s business and transfer or distribute the Member's Interests and Capital Account as designated by the Member or as may otherwise be required by law.

  • Death of Annuitant If the natural Owner and Annuitant are different, and the Annuitant dies before the Annuity Date, the Owner becomes the Annuitant until the Owner elects a new Annuitant. If there are Joint Annuitants, upon the death of any Annuitant prior to the Annuity Date, the Owner may elect a new Joint Annuitant. However, if the Owner is a non-natural person, We will treat the death of any Annuitant as the death of the "Primary Annuitant" and as the death of the Owner, see DEATH PROVISIONS.