Death of the Sample Clauses

Death of the employee in which case payment shall be made to the surviving spouse, or if there is no surviving spouse, to the employee’s estate. Payment for sick leave under this policy shall be considered to eliminate all sick leave credit accrued by the employee at that time. Such payment shall be made within thirty
Death of the. Contract Holder if the Contract Holder is not the Annuitant: The death benefit amount is the Adjusted Current Value on the claim date. A Surrender Fee may apply to any full or partial surrender (see 3.13 and Contract Schedule I).

Related to Death of the

  • Death of Account Owner We may continue to honor all transfer orders, withdrawals, deposits, and other transactions on an account until we know of a member's death. Once we know of a member's death, we may pay checks or drafts or honor other payments or transfer orders authorized by the deceased member for a period of ten (10) days after that date unless we receive instructions from any person claiming an interest in the account to stop payment on the checks, drafts, or other items. We may require anyone claiming a deceased owner's account funds to indemnify us for any losses resulting from our honoring that claim. This Agreement will be binding upon any heirs or legal representatives of any account owner.