Needs assessment definition

Needs assessment. In this section, LEAs are asked to describe the impact of the pandemic on their students, examine disproportionate impacts on specific student groups, and highlight the LEA’s promising practices in supporting students’ needs since March 2020.
Needs assessment means a study or statistical analysis that examines the need for ground ambulance service within a service area or proposed service area that takes into account the current or proposed service area’s medical, fire, and police services.
Needs assessment means an annual report that measures access to health care in this state, particularly as to emergency and primary care; identifies access gaps; and serves to inform the criteria and standards for the issuance of certificates of need;

Examples of Needs assessment in a sentence

  • This means that if the remaining funds are not allocated before it is time to complete the 2013 Needs Assessment, it will have to be completed by the RWPC Staff instead of an outside contractor.

  • Receive and file the Recreation and Fitness Center, Operations and Facility Needs Assessment Study.

  • The City of Maricopa adopted the Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Plan to address housing needs.

  • The board took action on the assessment presented by Ms. Ferraro.Julie Woodworth made a motion to adopt the 2023 Community Health Needs Assessment Edson Knapp seconded the motion.

  • Mr. Dunne saw the Community Health Needs Assessment was on the agenda, and has been involved in the report since 2009.

More Definitions of Needs assessment

Needs assessment means the assessment of the
Needs assessment. In addition to the procedures set forth in Section 626 of the Communications Act, the LFA shall notify Franchisee of all of its assessments regarding the identity of future cable-related community needs and interests, as well as the past performance of Franchisee under the then current Franchise term. Such assessments shall be provided to Franchisee by the LFA promptly so that Franchisee will have adequate time to submit a proposal under 47 U.S.C. § 546 and complete renewal of the Franchise prior to expiration of its term.
Needs assessment means a system- atic process for delineating the scope, extent (quantity), reach and success of any current nutrition education activi- ties, including those relating to:
Needs assessment means the assessment of needs required by section 66.0617, Wis. Stats.
Needs assessment means a systematic evaluation of current system and programmatic operations and projected needs. This evaluation is performed as part of the Quality Assurance Plan and focuses on the changing needs of the community and population served.
Needs assessment means an evidence-informed assessment which identifies the needs a child or family has, which, if left unaddressed, will likely increase the chance of reoccurring.
Needs assessment means an evaluation of trends and factors at the local or regional level affecting current and future facility needs, and the assessment of resources available to meet such needs. The needs assessment is used as the basis for a request for reimbursement of local correctional facility construction costs.