Nature of Services Sample Clauses

Nature of Services. Executive shall diligently perform such duties and assume such responsibilities as shall from time to time be specified by the Company.
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Nature of Services. The Individual Contractor shall perform the services as described in the Terms of References which form an integral part of this Contract and are attached hereto as Annex I in the following Duty Station(s): .
Nature of Services. The Company hereby engages Consultant to render the services hereinafter described during the term hereof (its being understood and agreed that Consultant is free tender the same or similar services to any other entity selected by it).
Nature of Services. 12.1 Pentana Solutions must perform such services as it considers reasonable to ensure the Licensed System remains in substantial conformity with the SLA. Such support will, at the sole option of Pentana Solutions, take the form of:
Nature of Services. This Agreement authorizes Starion to change your electricity supplier. Starion will supply electricity to the Customer for the electricity account(s) authorized by the Customer. The electricity supplied by Starion will be delivered to the Customer by the Local Distribution Company (“LDC”). The amount of electricity supplied under this Agreement is subject to change based on usage data provided to Starion by the LDC. Starion will purchase renewable energy certificates sourced from national wind power facilities in an amount equal to 100% of the Customer’s electricity usage served under this Agreement.
Nature of Services. Contractor will perform the services, as more particularly described on Exhibit A, for Company as an independent contractor (the “Services”). The Services have been specially ordered and commissioned by Company. To the extent the Services include materials subject to copyright, Contractor agrees that the Services are done as “work made for hire” as that term is defined under U.S. copyright law, and that as a result, Company will own all copyrights in the Services. Contractor will perform such services in a diligent and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the schedule, if any, set forth in Exhibit A. The content, style, form and format of any work product of the Services shall be completely satisfactory to Company and shall be consistent with Company’s standards. Except as specified on Exhibit A, Company agrees that Contractor's services need not be rendered at any specific location and may be rendered at any location selected by Contractor. Contractor hereby grants Company the right, but not the obligation, to use and to license others the right to use Contractor's, and Contractor’s employees’, name, voice, signature, photograph, likeness and biographical information in connection with and related to the Services.
Nature of Services. During the term of this Agreement Consultant shall perform the following services in a timely and professional manner:
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Nature of Services. (a) With respect to the Services provided under this Agreement,
Nature of Services. The Trust and Distributor agree that the Trust's payments pursuant to this Agreement are only for the services listed in Section 1(a) herein and do not constitute payment in any manner for investment advisory services or for administrative services. The Trust and Distributor agree that this Agreement does not preclude the Trust from contracting separately with Distributor to provide other services to the Trust.
Nature of Services. During the term of the Contract the Consultant shall make available for the [project title] (the “Project”) the experts (the “Experts”) and other participants named in the “Technical Component” (Annex A) who shall perform the services (the “Services”) described in Annex A to this Contract. Except as GGGI may otherwise agree, the Consultant shall provide the work, findings or reports as set out in Annex A in accordance with Clause G-1 of Annex CGeneral Conditions of Contract”.
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