Section 9.5 Sample Clauses

Section 9.5. 8 Seniority rights shall not be lost and shall accrue for the following reasons, without limitations;
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Section 9.5. 1. 9 Upon recommendation of the immediate supervisor through administrative channels to the 10 Superintendent, and upon approval of the Board of Directors, an employee may be granted a 11 leave of absence for a period not to exceed one (1) year; provided, however, if such leave is 12 granted due to extended illness, one (1) additional year may be granted.
Section 9.5. 40 Seniority rights shall be effective within the general job classification of Secretarial/Clerical.
Section 9.5. 15 Seniority shall not be lost for the following reasons, without limitation and shall continue to accrue 16 unless noted otherwise:
Section 9.5. 2 The employee with the earliest hire date shall be given first consideration regarding shifts, promotions, 3 assignment to new or open jobs or positions, and layoffs when ability and performance are 4 substantially equal with junior employees. If the District determines that seniority rights should not 5 govern because a junior employee possesses ability and performance substantially greater than a senior 6 employee or senior employees, the District shall set forth in writing to the employee or employees its 7 reasons why the senior employee or employees have been bypassed.
Section 9.5. 31 In the event an employee is absent for reasons which are covered by Industrial Insurance, the District 32 will not deduct sick leave or pay if the employee turns over the L&I check for the days absent.
Section 9.5. 35 The school district will allow less than twelve-month employees to take two (2) unpaid holidays per 36 calendar year for a reason of faith or conscience or an organized activity conducted under the auspices 37 of a religious denomination, church, or religious organization; provided, that the employee's absence 38 would not impose an undue hardship on the District. 39 40 41 3
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Section 9.5. 2 Seniority rights shall be effective within the general job classification. As used in this Agreement, 3 general job classifications are those set forth in Article I, Section 1.3. and equivalent positions shall be 4 those set forth in Schedule A. Other differentiations within the paraeducator group related to
Section 9.5. 1 6 Current bargaining unit applicants will be given full consideration regarding all of their 7 qualifications including their status as displaced employees, if applicable, for a vacant position 8 before the District decides to review the applications of outside candidates or consider hiring an 9 applicant from outside the bargaining unit. 10
Section 9.5. 2 40 Tests administered to applicants must be related to the essential functions of the job. Tests 41 administered shall be kept on file until the period for filing a grievance has passed. Tests will be 42 kept on file at the office of the Director of Human Resources. 43
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