Mobile Sample Clauses

Mobile. 8.1 The Agreement for Mobile is for a minimum term of 24 months or, if it is longer/shorter, the period specified on the signed Customer Order Form. The Term starts on the Date of Life Transfer of Service. Under the terms of the Agreement the Customer may be supplied with a number of mobile connections (lines) at different times at the Customer’s own request. Each line will be for a minimum term of 24 months unless specified on the signed Customer Order Form.
Mobile. Microsoft will make available the Mobile Search Services and Yahoo! may implement them on a non-exclusive basis at any time during the Term in a given country or by carrier. Microsoft will have the right to deliver the Mobile Search Services through a separate Mobile Search Services API, but Microsoft will make the Mobile Search Services available to Yahoo! at parity with the most robust implementation of Mobile Search Services that Microsoft makes available to other Microsoft Mobile syndication partners in such country (or, if no significant Mobile syndication partner exists in such country, then with a highly robust implementation in light of Microsoft’s available functionality and Yahoo!’s intended use). If Yahoo! elects to receive Mobile Search Services, Yahoo! must accept and display Paid Listings from Microsoft’s Mobile Search Services, but Yahoo! has the option to accept and display (or not accept and display) Results from other portions of the Mobile Search Services (i.e., Algorithmic Search Services and/or Mapping Services) on a Query-by-Query (or call-by-call) basis. Promptly after receipt of notice of such election, the parties will work together in good faith to determine a reasonable implementation schedule for the Mobile Search Services. Yahoo! shall have the right to sell Paid Listings from the marketplace managed by the Services for mobile.
Mobile. If Merchant utilizes a mobile POS terminal the following conditions apply:
Mobile. The first, fifth and sixth sentences in Section 2.2.2 of Exhibit H to the Agreement are deleted in their entirety. As of the Eleventh Amendment Effective Date, any obligations to display Microsoft Mobile Paid Listings will cease. Yahoo! shall pay Microsoft for Mobile Paid Search Services in accordance with Section 9.1 of the Agreement.
Mobile. I agree to undertake a practitioner-support relationship with (existing practitioner) for a period of twelve months after my CPP has been issued and will ensure we have continued and regular contact as appropriate. I agree that the guidance and support given in this practitioner-support relationship, on ethical, professional, technical and practice management issues, is on an informal basis and that no liability is accepted by the practitioner-support member. I agree that, if during the course of the term I become acquainted with or have access to confidential information of the other party, I will maintain the confidentiality of that information both during and after the term. I agree that I will not, either during and after the term, for whatever reason, make improper use of the confidential information acquired by virtue of the practitioner-support relationship to gain directly or indirectly an advantage for myself or for any other person. I confirm that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. / / Signature Date
Mobile. Solutions - allows customers to order, receive, and inventory Product using a handheld device. The user can send/receive current catalog data, submit orders, transfer orders to, and retrieve receiving data. The device offers greater flexibility in the management of the receiving process, allowing receiving to take place at any location within the pharmacy. Mobile Solutions utilizes wireless technology.
Mobile. Unless you have a cellfire booster installed, forget about making a call on your mobile phone 7 km outside of any of our three towns on the Telstra network. That was the position residents and travellers of Murrumbidgee Council faced, until Council provided a 50% contribution to a new facility on a tower we already owned at Bundure on the Kidman Way. So now, when leaving Jerilderie for Darlington Point via the Xxxxxx Highway and Kidman Way, there is only a break in service for about 15 km between Jerilderie and the Bundure Tower, and a further 10km break between Bundure Tower and Coleambally, and a 5km break in service between Coleambally and Darlington Point. Travel from Jerilderie to Narrandera on the Xxxxxx Highway, there is approximately 60km of no service area between Jerilderie and Morundah, yet there is a mobile tower at Bundure on the Xxxxxx Highway which, unfortunately for Telstra customers, is an Optus facility (I am told). Rural Australia understands that it’s not commercially viable for the telcos to invest in rural and remote Australia, yet the need exists, and we are thankful for State and Federal Governments providing funding such as Mobile Black Spot Program. However we need to do one of two things. Firstly, mandate that any Government provided funds directed towards mobile coverage must allow for roaming by all carriers. Not just co-location of each other’s equipment (that should be mandated in the ities), but one set of equipment signalling all carriers. I know this statement contradicts the equitable stance, however I am sure rural and remote Australians would be happy to pay premium (say $10 a month) on top of their current plan to ensure roaming. Why is it I can take my Telstra phone to the USA and immediately be roaming on ATT or in Canada on Xxxxxxx, but I cannot travel along the Xxxxxx Highway, leaving Jerilderie on Telstra, roam onto Optus at Bundure, then back to Telstra past Morundah and Narrandera. The second option would be for Government to own the infrastructure. As mentioned, rural and remote Australia are not commercially viable to the telcos. In the same way as its not commercial viable for a health company to build a private hospital in rural and remote Australia. Government build the towers, Government owns the transition equipment, Government maintains the equipment, and Government receives an annual payment from the telcos. Look at it in the same way as the Commonwealth Bank pays Australia Post to deliver their service...
Mobile. Samsung Galaxy S4 running the Android lollipop operating system, iPhone 5 running iOS7; or equivalent.