Break in Service Sample Clauses

Break in Service. No absence under any paid leave provisions of this Article shall be considered as a break in service for any employee who is in paid status, and all benefits accruing under the provisions of this Agreement shall continue to accrue under such absence.
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Break in Service. A break-in-service is a separation or interruption of employment without pay of more than two (2) years. If an employee has a break-in-service that does not exceed two (2) years, they shall be given credit for the time worked prior to the break-in-service. Seniority will also be adjusted for leaves without pay in excess of one (1) year.
Break in Service. A break in service is a separation or interruption of employment without pay of more than two (2) years.
Break in Service. This option may impose a complicated re-entry date for employees who have terminated or whose hours were severely cut back. Option (a) is chosen for administrative convenience.
Break in Service. Adjunct faculty who are not given any assignment for circumstances beyond their control (course cancellations, contraction of a discipline, etc.) will retain their accumulated FTEF/hours for a period of eighteen
Break in Service. 10.4.1 Only Military leaves and approved unpaid leaves of ninety (90) calendar days or less are credited as continuous service for vacation eligibility purposes, but vacation days are not accrued during such leaves.
Break in Service. (a) If the Hours of Service method is used in determining either an Employee’s initial or continuing eligibility to participate in the Plan, or the nonforfeitable interest in the Employee’s account balance derived from Employer contributions, a Break in Service is a twelve (12) consecutive month period (during which the Employee has not completed more than five hundred (500) Hours of Service.
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Break in Service. A complete separation of a regular employment relationship with the District. A Board-approved leave of absence, either paid or unpaid, is not considered a break in service.
Break in Service. No leave of absence granted by the Employer shall be deemed to be a break in service.
Break in Service. For the purpose of determining vacation seniority, the following applies: Restored from lay-off Restored from military service Retain Original Restored from retirement Seniority Date Retiree hired for different job, no break in service All other including From Date of Rehire reinstated personnel or Reinstatement
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