Definition of Annual payment

Annual payment meanspayment of monetary compensation made by the state court administrator or his or her designee to an exonerated person pursuant to this section. An annual payment shall be in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars, which amount shall be adjusted annually by the state auditor to account for inflation; except that:

Annual payment means $100,000.00.

Examples of Annual payment in a sentence

Annual payment means the consideration paid to a participant each year for entering an agreement with the NRCS under the WBP.
Annual payment of interest on funds of University of Alabama; authority to abolish military system at university.
Annual payment amount is the amount to be paid under a contract in effect for each fiscal year with respect to a contract commodity and equals the product of: (1) 85 percent of the enrolled contract acreage multiplied by (2) The payment yield multiplied by (3) The payment rate except that the total of such payments shall not exceed $40,000 per person in accordance with part 1400 of this chapter.
Assuming the grantor dies in the second year of the trust (whether before or after the due date of the second annual payment), the periodic additions for years 3, 4, and 5 of the trust are as follows: (1) Annual payment (2) Prior year payment (1[?]2) Periodic addition Year 3 144,000 120,000 24,000 Year 4 172,800 144,000 28,800 Year 5 207,360 172,800 34,560 ( 3) Corpus amount.
Annual payment to the District shall be accompanied by a letter from the lessee stating the number and age class of "Animal Units" (A.U.'s) being grazed on the land parcels.