MOBILITY Sample Clauses

MOBILITY. 14.01 The parties to this Agreement acknowledge that because of the extraordinary safety requirements of railroad work and the specialized nature of the work covered by this Agreement, it is necessary that the Employer have experienced and qualified employees and both parties shall cooperate to the end that all employees hired for work under this Agreement will be capable of performing such work in an experienced, efficient and safe manner.
MOBILITY. 6.01 There will be no mileage or room and board allowance paid under this Craft Schedule “P”. This will encourage local carpenters to be used from the geographical location of the jobsite.
MOBILITY. 6.01 The core crew will be entitled to work throughout Mainland Nova Scotia. There will be no mileage or room and board allowance paid under this Craft Schedule.
MOBILITY. It is further agreed that should a Contractor obtain work in any area outside of his/her home area, he/she shall be permitted to bring in his/her own crews comprised of Linemen, Splicer, and other spe- cialists and hire any additional men required through the Union. In his/her home area, the Contractor may continue to use his/her forces to perform any type of work described above and augment his/her forces where necessary from the Union. When a Contractor obtains work outside of his/her home area, Local Union 353 and Local Union 1687 shall act as a clearing house for the Province of On- tario by coordinating manpower requirements and making workers available to Contractors for the whole Province. The Contractor agrees to notify the Local in whose jurisdiction he/she has obtained the work of the names and classifications of men/women he/she is bringing into the area, prior to any crew movement.
MOBILITY. Under this Section, should the Contractor obtain work under this Section outside of his home area he shall be permitted to bring in his own crews and hire any additional Employees through the Local Union. The above is subject to the following conditions:
MOBILITY. Where employees covered under this agreement have specific manufacturerstraining, they shall be permitted full mobility within the Local. Mobility shall be dictated by project requirements, and contractors have the option to train members in the area where the job is located.