Prior Year definition

Prior Year means a 12-month period prior to the Current Year.
Prior Year means the school year prior to the school year for which an Application is submitted.

Examples of Prior Year in a sentence

  • The Line has two columns available on the right to mark; the first is for the Current Year and the second is for the Prior Year.

  • The administrative and other operating expenses increased from approximately RMB51.8 million for the Prior Year by approximately RMB3.1 million or 6% to approximately RMB54.9 million for the Year.

  • The decrease in selling and distribution costs was mainly attributable to decrease in depreciation charges approximately RMB2.1 million as a result of the machines used for demonstration purpose were fully depreciated in the Prior Year.

  • GROSS PROFIT AND GROSS PROFIT MARGIN The gross profit for the Year decreased by approximately RMB54.5 million to approximately RMB84.8 million for the Year as compared to the Prior Year of approximately RMB139.3 million.

  • In the meantime, while the Group has its major customer base in the PRC, our home market, it also extended sales to 13 overseas countries during the Year, the Group’s net profit after tax, was approximately RMB27.0 million during the Year, representing a decline of approximately 47.5% as compared to the Prior Year.

More Definitions of Prior Year

Prior Year means the Lease Year prior to each Subsequent Year. The term "Index" shall mean the Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers (U.S. City Average; Base 1982-84=100), published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor. The term "Base Month" shall mean the calendar month which is two (2) months prior to the month during which this Lease is fully executed by Landlord and Tenant. The term "Comparison Month" shall mean the calendar month which is two (2) months prior to the first full month of each Subsequent Year in question.
Prior Year means the fiscal year prior to the year in which a facilities request is made. For this request, the prior year is 2017-18.
Prior Year has the meaning specified in the definition of Consolidated Adj. EBITDA Target.
Prior Year s compensation earnable” means the compensation earnable for the most recent school year in which the member earned service credit that precedes the last school year in which the member earned service credit.
Prior Year means a year, preceding the current Plan Year, in which the Member was in the service of the Employer. For purposes of the preceding sentence, year shall mean (in the event the Plan was in existence during such year) a Plan Year, or (in the event the Plan was not in existence during
Prior Year means the calendar year just previous to the quarters
Prior Year means a year certified under sub-subparagraph (a)2.a.