Health or Safety Sample Clauses

Health or Safety. A clinician may disclose confidential information to protect a client or others from a serious threat of harm by the client. This may include, but is not limited to, calling the police, seeking appropriate hospitalization, or notifying a potential victim.
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Health or Safety. If you communicate to me an explicit threat to kill or inflict serious bodily injury upon an identified person and you have the apparent intent and ability to carry out the threat, I must take reasonable precautions. Reasonable precautions may include warning the potential victim, notifying law enforcement, or arranging for your hospitalization. I must also do so if I know you have a history of physical violence and I believe there is a clear and present danger that you will attempt to kill or inflict bodily injury upon an identified person. Furthermore, if you present a clear and present danger to yourself and refuse to accept further appropriate treatment, and I have a reasonable basis to believe that you can be committed to a hospital, I must seek said commitment and may contact members of your family or other individuals if it would assist in protecting you.
Health or Safety. If we believe there is an imminent danger to your health or safety or that of another individual, or if there is likelihood of a felony or violent misdemeanor, we may disclose information to take protective action, including communicating with the potential victim, appropriate family members, and/or the police, or to seek hospitalization. • Child Abuse – If we have cause to suspect that a child under 18 is abused, neglected, dependent, or has died as the result of maltreatment by a parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker, the law requires that we file a report with the appropriate county Department of Social Services (see the North Carolina Juvenile Code). • Adult Abuse – If we have reasonable cause to believe a disabled or elder adult is in need of protective services, the law requires that we file a report with the appropriate county Department of Social Services (see the North Carolina Protection of the Abused, Neglected, or Exploited Disabled Adult Act). • Required by Law – If federal, state, or local law or other judicial or administrative proceeding requires it. Minors: Therapy is most effective when a trusting relationship exists between the provider and the client. It is important for minors to have some privacy, where they feel they can discuss personal matters without fear that their thoughts and feelings will be communicated to their parents. This is particularly important for adolescents who are naturally developing a greater sense of independence and autonomy. Since parental involvement is also an essential part of treatment, it is our policy to provide you with general information about your child’s treatment in order to help you best support your child. But we will NOT share specific information your child has disclosed without your child’s agreement. This includes activities and behavior that you would not approve of, or might be upset by, but that do not put your child at risk of serious and immediate harm. In some situations, we will encourage your child to tell you. If we feel that your child is in serious and immediate danger, we will communicate this information to you. Off-Site Sessions: Some psychotherapy sessions sometimes take place outside or off-site in order to move, get fresh air and sunshine, or complete exposure exercises or symptom challenges. Clients will provide their own transportation if the destination is not in walking distance. If you are not comfortable with your child leaving the office with a provider for therape...
Health or Safety. If I determine that there is a probability of imminent physical injury by you to yourself or others, or there is a probability of immediate mental or emotional injury to you, I may disclose relevant confidential mental health information to medical or law enforcement personnel.
Health or Safety. Such action is necessary to alleviate health or safety needs which are not reasonably satisfied by the Collaborating Party, assignee, or licensee.
Health or Safety. If you present a clear and immediate probability of physical harm to yourself, to other individuals, or to society, relevant information may be communicated concerning this to the potential victim, appropriate family member, or law enforcement or other appropriate authorities.
Health or Safety. The Center will use and disclose PHI to avert a serious threat to the health and safety of a person or the public.
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Health or Safety. If you communicate to our staff a specific threat of imminent harm against another individual or if we believe that there is clear, imminent risk of physical or mental injury being inflicted against another individual, we may make disclosures that we believe are necessary to protect that individual from harm. If we believe that you present an imminent, serious risk of physical or mental injury or death to yourself, we may make disclosures we consider necessary to protect you from harm.
Health or Safety. I may disclose confidential information when I judge that disclosure is necessary to protect against a clear and substantial risk of imminent serious harm being inflicted by you on yourself or another person. I must limit disclosure of the otherwise confidential information to only those persons and only that content which would be consistent with the standards of the profession in addressing such problems. • Worker’s Compensation: If you file a worker’s compensation claim, this constitutes authorization for me to release your relevant mental health records to involved parties and officials. This would include a past history of complaints or treatment of a condition similar to that involved in the worker’s compensation claim.

Related to Health or Safety

  • Health & Safety (a) The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Home, in order to prevent injury and illness and abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act as amended from time to time.

  • Child Safety Never leave a child unsupervised near a pool, not even for a second. During social gatherings at or near the pool, appoint a designated adult to protect young children from pool accidents. Children must be watched closely while swimming. Do not use floatation devices as a substitute for supervision. Toys can entice young children into the pool area. When not in use, clear the pool area of all toys.

  • Occupational Health & Safety (a) It is a mutual interest of the parties to promote health and safety in workplaces and to prevent and reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and occupational diseases. The parties agree that health and safety is of the utmost importance and agree to promote health and safety and wellness throughout the organization. The employer shall provide orientation and training in health and safety to new and current employees on an ongoing basis, and employees shall attend required health and safety training sessions. Accordingly, the parties fully endorse the responsibilities of employer and employee under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, making particular reference to the following:

  • Health and Safety Grievances A. It is the policy of the State employer to enforce safety and health, policies, procedures, and work practices and protect employees from harm in connection with State operations.

  • Occupational Health & Safety Committee The parties agree to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and any other federal, provincial or municipal health and safety legislation and regulations. Recognizing its responsibilities under the applicable legislation, the Employer agrees to accept as a member of its Occupational Health and Safety Committee, one representative selected or appointed by the Association from the bargaining unit. Such committee shall identify potential dangers and hazards, institute means of improving health and safety programs and recommend actions to be taken to improve conditions relating to occupational health and safety. Meetings shall be held every third month or more frequently if mutually agreed. The Committee shall maintain minutes of all meetings and make the same available for review.

  • Health & Safety Committee The Employer agrees to establish a Health & Safety Committee for all employees of the company under the auspices of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The Committee shall be made up of an equal number (not less than one each) of non-bargaining unit and bargaining unit persons who have completed their probationary period. The Union has the right to appoint the members representing the bargaining unit. The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and post them in the shop. One copy will be forwarded to the Union office.

  • Food Safety A. The SFA shall comply with food safety inspection requirements as prescribed by USDA for its facilities and shall ensure that all state and local regulations are being met by the selected FSMC preparing or serving meals at any SFA facility.

  • HEALTH AND SAFETY C8.1 The Contractor shall promptly notify the Authority of any health and safety hazards which may arise in connection with the performance of the Contract. The Authority shall promptly notify the Contractor of any health and safety hazards which may exist or arise at the Authority’s Premises and which may affect the Contractor in the performance of the Contract.

  • Health and Safety Plan 5. Xxxxxx shall prepare and submit under separate cover from the Work Plan, a Health and Safety Plan consistent with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. The Health and Safety Plan shall be submitted to the Department in the form of one electronic copy on compact disk (in .pdf format). Xxxxxx agrees that the Health and Safety Plan is submitted to the Department only for informational purposes. The Department expressly disclaims any liability that may result from implementation of the Health and Safety Plan by Xxxxxx. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

  • ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY AND HEALTH PROTECTION (a) Seller shall perform this Agreement in a manner that ensures adequate protection for workers, the public, and the environment, and shall be accountable for actions of itself and its lower-tier subcontractors, agents and employees. Seller shall exercise a degree of care commensurate with the work and the associated hazards. Seller shall ensure that management of environment, safety and health (ES&H) functions and activities is an integral and visible part of Seller’s work planning and execution process. In the event that Xxxxxx fails to comply with this Agreement, Company may, without prejudice to any other legal or contractual rights, issue an order stopping all or any part of the work; thereafter a start order for resumption of work may be issued at Company’s discretion. Seller shall make no claim for an extension of time or for compensation or damages by reason of or in connection with such work stoppage. In addition, Company may require, in writing, that Seller remove from the work any employee the Company deems unsafe, incompetent, careless, or otherwise objectionable.

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