Mailing List Sample Clauses

Mailing List. (02) The Union shall be furnished with an updated mailing list, which shall include current phone numbers, of all scheduled 'A' and 'C' employees, semi-annually in conjunction with the seniority list. Once a year, the Company will also supply a mailing list and phone numbers for retired employees. The Company will only supply the information on retirees that they have and in the form that they have.
Mailing List. The Company will provide the Union with an updated mailing list of all Employees on a quarterly basis with a copy of any change of address notices received from Employees.
Mailing List. The Engineer shall collect existing mailing lists composed of adjacent landowners as derived from the appraisal district as well as mailing lists from other immediately available sources such as xxxxxxxx of commerce and other business organizations, when possible. In addition, the Engineer shall collect and include other interested parties in the mailing list including, but not limited to, county personnel, municipal personnel, emergency services, representatives from local schools and the independent school districts, homeowners associations, and municipal utility districts. The Engineer shall compile the list and, check for duplicates, and verify elected official information is up-to-date. The Engineer may print multiple sets of mailing DocuSign Envelope ID: 04C16B52-6FE2-4CCA-85E1-65F1BBF3295C DocuSign Envelope ID: 4ADCA196-070B-414B-84B9-71706552ABDA Contract No. 36-6IDP5366 PeopleSoft Contract No. 5681 labels for each public meeting for use in advertising. The Engineer shall mail out up to 2,500 notices per meeting using regular mail. A compiled list of all names and addresses of persons notified of the public meetings shall be included in the public meeting documentation deliverable identified. The Engineer shall provide the State the mailing list broken down by last name, first name, entity, address, city, state, zip, and e-mail address. The e-mail address shall be obtained when readily available, such as on the Internet for elected officials, or provided by an individual requesting to be notified of future study activities.
Mailing List. The Exhibitor agrees to use the Conference mailing list only for Exhibitor's corporate use.
Mailing List. The Company will provide the Union, upon request, with an updated mailing list including telephone numbers of the bargaining unit members.
Mailing List. The Hospital and the Union agree that the Hospital shall make available, on a bi- yearly basis, a mailing list including current addresses and phone numbers for all members of the Local Union of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Union members, who do not want the Union to have this information, shall notify the Hospital of such in writing.
Mailing List. RJ shall develop and maintain a mailing list of existing and prospective customers within the Territory, and shall periodically mail advertising literature to said customers.
Mailing List. Subject to the limitations set forth in this ------------ Section 2(f), BIO hereby grants to Chemdex a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use BIO's mailing list containing the names and contact information of Members and prospective Members, as such list is amended and updated from time to time during the term of this Agreement ("Mailing List"). BIO will provide such ------------ Mailing List to Chemdex on the first day of each calendar quarter during the term of this Agreement. The Mailing List shall be deemed BIO Confidential Information. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, Chemdex shall use the mailing list (i) only as necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement, and (ii) only to distribute information and materials BIO has approved in advance, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Chemdex will not sell or distribute the Mailing List without the prior written consent of BIO.
Mailing List. The County will provide the Consultant with a current mailing list of property owners and their addresses. The list shall contain all homeowners/property owners located within a corridor as determined by the County. The County will provide the Consultant with an updated list of homeowners/property owners prior to the mailing of each newsletter. The Consultant shall update the mailing list with the information provided by the County prior to mailing the newsletters. The Consultant shall also expand the initial mailing list throughout the duration of the project to include any person or institution expressing an interest in the project, potential permitting or review agencies, elected and appointed officials in the area, community leaders, and media representatives.