Marriage Sample Clauses

Marriage. It is recognized that the Couple was legally married in the state of on the date of , 20 .
Marriage. 3. Documented Extreme Financial Hardship
Marriage. (Presentation of proof of marriage is required.)
Marriage. Licensees who have married subsequent to submitting a License Agreement or have a marriage pending within four weeks, may cancel their License Agreement. A marriage license or certificate will be required for verification. The Licensee must submit proof that the marriage has taken place within 30 days of the requested date of cancellation. Failure to do so will result in the reinstatement of all housing rent and board charges.
Marriage. Marriage leave shall be granted in accordance with SPP RCW-2.40, Special Leave - Salaried Employees dated 1994 April.
Marriage. The effective date of coverage for an eligible dependent spouse properly enrolled will be the first day of the month following enrollment.
Marriage. Special leave with pay of one (1) day may be granted to an employee to be present at their wedding if it falls on a regular work day.
Marriage b. University Withdrawal
Marriage. 4. Study abroad or University-related internship