Prescription Safety Glasses Sample Clauses

Prescription Safety Glasses. Prescription safety glasses will be furnished by the employer. The employer retains the authority to establish reasonable rules and procedures regarding frequency of issue, replacement of damaged glasses, limits on reimbursement costs and coordination with the employer's vision plan.
Prescription Safety Glasses. The Company agrees to pay a one hundred percent (100%) coverage for prescription safety glasses that are CSA approved and replaced when broken.
Prescription Safety Glasses. 192. For classifications covered by the terms of this MOU, the SFMTA agrees to provide prescription safety glasses in accordance with the SFMTA eye protection program SOP, at a cost not to exceed $150.00 per employee.
Prescription Safety Glasses. The Company will supply the first pair of prescription safety glasses and safety frames with side xxxxxxx which meet C.S.A. Standards for all seniority employees who work in areas that have been mutually agreed upon by the Joint Health and Safety Committee, the Company, and the Union as mandatory safety glass areas. The choice of supplier and style of the lenses and frames will be made by the Company. The Company will supplement lenses for the aforementioned safety glasses that are accidentally damaged or broken, to a maximum of fifty (50) dollars per two year period. It must be definitely established through investigation that the said glasses were broken in the course of the employee’s regular work and not from a person’s negligence or carelessness on the part of the employee. Prescription Safety Glasses: Prescription safety glass lenses shall be replaced as required by a prescription change to a maximum once per year.
Prescription Safety Glasses. 22.01 The Company will supply one pair of approved prescription safety glasses to each employee who requires them. Replacement lenses will be supplied upon receipt of proof of a new prescription. Lenses and/or frames worn out or damaged at work will be replaced as required. The Company will provide tinted lenses upon request.
Prescription Safety Glasses. A. Those employees who presently wear prescription glasses will be furnished prescription safety glasses by the District.
Prescription Safety Glasses. The Company will pay for prescription safety glasses and their replacement and/or repair on an as-required basis. Damaged or worn out glasses shall be shown to the supervisor prior to replacement. Such glasses must meet the safety standard set forth by the Company.
Prescription Safety Glasses. For those employees who require prescription safety glasses, the Company will pay two hundred ($200.00) once every two (2) years towards the cost of standard prescription safety glasses with permanently fixed side-xxxxxxx as provided by a licensed optometrist and when upon presentation of a satisfactory receipt. The Company will only pay for the prescription and frame ($200.00) and not the examination. This will apply to employees who have completed their probationary period. The company has an arrangement with a Prescription Safety Glass supplier. Employees can purchase safety glasses at preferred prices with a form provided by the company. The purchase will be billed directly to the company. The company will maintain an up-to-date list of approved dispensing opticians.
Prescription Safety Glasses. If the cost is not covered by the Workers’ Compensation Board the Company will pay up to seventy dollars ($70.00) per calendar year for the replacement of prescription safety lenses broken or damaged while working at the Company. Payment will be made only upon presentation by the employee of the broken or damaged lenses and the receipt for the cost of the new lenses.
Prescription Safety Glasses. A. The County shall provide reimbursement up to a maximum of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) toward the cost of Prescription Safety Glasses for those employees required to wear the same as per New York Public Employee Safety and Health program.