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Telephone Numbers. (include Area Code): Business: (___)_____________ Home: (___)________________ Social Security, Taxpayer, or other type Identification Number(s): _______________
Telephone Numbers. Office: Home: Cell: Email Address: Date Submitted: II. AIRCRAFT INFORMATION: Year: Manufacturer: Model: Registration Number: Aircraft Owned by Business or Partnership? (check one)  YES  NO Business Name: Lien Holders & Secured Parties (if any – provide name and address; if none, please write “None”): Name: Address: Name: Address:
Telephone Numbers. Home: Work: Email Address: @ By executing this Agreement, the Depository and the above-identified Customer agree, warrant, undertake, understand, and acknowledge as follows:

Examples of Telephone Numbers in a sentence

  • Names and Telephone Numbers of Contact PersonsThe following list of contacts must be printed and made clearly visible on the site.

  • Escalation Matrix For Service Support : Bidder/OEM must provide Escalation Matrix of Telephone Numbers for Service Support.

  • The terminating carrier will be responsible for providing the originating carrier with an FX usage summary which includes a ten (10) digit telephone number level detail of the MOUs terminated to FX Telephone Numbers on its network each month (or in each applicable billing period, if not billed monthly), or by any means mutually agreed by the Parties.

More Definitions of Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers means all operating telephone numbers for the Premises and all other telephone numbers relating to the Acquired Business and controlled (by agreement, lease or otherwise) by any Seller Entity on the date hereof and which under existing agreements, regulations and law, may be transferred to Buyer on the Closing Date.
Telephone Numbers or "Numbers" means the telecommunications number(s) listed in Part B of this Form as well as all directory advertising, and other products and services associated with and billed to such Telephone Numbers by TELUS as of the effective date of the Change.
Telephone Numbers means any number, including data of any description, that is used (whether or not in connection with telephony) for any one or more of the purposes determined in accordance with the relevant numbering plan issued by the Authority;
Telephone Numbers has the meaning given in Section 2.1.5.
Telephone Numbers. Residence:________________________ Business: ________________________
Telephone Numbers. Office: Home: Cell: Email Address: Date Submitted:
Telephone Numbers. Tidepool: (000) 000-0000 voice (000) 000-0000 fax. (000) 000-0000 support (000) 000-0000 support Northcoast: (000) 000-0000 voice (000) 000-0000 All telephone numbers associated with dialup internet access. Northcoast and Tidepool access numbers including: 476-0995 464-1400 (Crescent City) 268-0178 (Fortuna/Xxxxxxxx, Hydesville, Xxxxxxx)