Definition of Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers means telephone numbers obtained by Allegiance for use with the Ports.
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Examples of Telephone Numbers in a sentence

For Interest Rate Products: Telephone Numbers: (212) 538-9370 Facsimile number: (917) 326-8603 Email: For Equity Derivatives: Telephone numbers: (212) 538-4437 / (212) 538-8297 / (212) 325-5119 Facsimile number: (212) 325-8173 For Credit Derivatives: Telephone Numbers: (212) 538-9370 Facsimile number: (917) 326-8603 Email: We are delighted to have entered into this transaction with you.
The following service intervals have been established for LNP: Telephone Numbers To Port Interval* Simple (1FR/1FB) 1-5 3 business days (includes FOC 24 hr interval) 6-50 4 business days (includes FOC 24 hr interval) 51 or more Project Basis Complex (PBX 1-25 5 business days Trunks, ISDN, (includes FOC Centrex) 24 hr interval) 26 or more Project Basis *Intervals for LNP with Unbundled Loops shall be governed by Section 9.2 of the Agreement.
Access to Telephone Numbers Carrier is responsible for interfacing with the North American Numbering Plan administrator for all matters dealing with dedicated NXXs. BellSouth will cooperate with Carrier in the provision of shared NXXs where BellSouth is the service provider.
Telephone Numbers: toll-free (888) 352-9333, DSN 932-4725, commercial (616) 961-4725.
K Exhibit K to Subpart G--Locations and Telephone Numbers of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Wetland Coordinators The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is presently preparing the National Wetlands Inventory.