Municipal utility definition

Municipal utility means a public utility owned and
Municipal utility means all or part of an electric light and power plant system or a natural gas system, either of which is owned by a city, including all land, easements, rights-of-way, fixtures, equipment, accessories, improvements, appurtenances, and other property necessary or useful for the operation of the municipal utility.
Municipal utility means a public utility that is a munici- pality or that is wholly owned or operated by a municipality.

Examples of Municipal utility in a sentence

  • Municipal utility entitlements are set as shown in the table below and are not transferrable.

  • Municipal utility districts and electric cooperatives are also eligible for federal assistance in a Presidential declared disaster.

  • Municipal utility customers also served by SCE, PG&E, SDG&E or SoCal Gas at the Site are eligible.The Host Customer is the exclusive incentive reservation holder and has the right to designate the Applicant, energy services provider, and/or system installer.

  • Municipal utility pole – a utility pole owned or operated by the Village in public rights-of-way.

  • Municipal utility appurtenances should be selected to harmonize with the character of the historic district or placed in inconspicuous locations.

More Definitions of Municipal utility

Municipal utility means a municipal public utility, as defined
Municipal utility means an electric utility that is owned wholly by a municipality and that owns a retail distribution sys- tem.
Municipal utility means a utility owned, operated, or controlled by a city to provide utility services.
Municipal utility means a public utility as defined in section 412.5.
Municipal utility means any City-owned utility system, including, but not by way of limitation, water and sewerage service.
Municipal utility means sewer facilities, water facilities, gas facilities, electric facilities, generating facilities or any interest in jointly owned generating facilities owned by a municipality and serving the public. A municipality that owns both electric facilities and any interest in jointly owned generating facilities may, by ordinance, designate such interest in jointly owned generating facilities as part of its electric facilities. Generating facilities shall be considered as part of a municipality's electric facilities unless the municipality designates, by ordinance, the generating facilities as a separate municipal utility, such designation being conclusive subject to any existing property rights or contract rights;
Municipal utility means any Person that (a)(i) is a “governmental person” as defined in the implementing regulations under Section 141 of the Code and any successor provision and owns a natural gas or electric distribution utility (or provides Energy at wholesale to, or that is sold to entities that provide natural gas or Energy at wholesale to, governmental Persons that own such utilities) or (ii) is a community choice aggregator organized under the Laws of the State of California, and (b) agrees in writing to use the Energy purchased by it (or cause such as to be used) for a qualifying use as defined in U.S. Treas. Reg. § 1.148-1(e)(2)(iii).