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LIST OF ANNEXES. Annex 1: Offer proposing BlueCompanion services Annex 2: Schedule for implementation and development of the XXXX Clinical Data Platform
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LIST OF ANNEXES. Annex A Definitions Annex B The Services Annex C Preliminary Schedule Annex D Service Price Annex E Affidavit with Respect to The Public Entities Transactions Law Annex F Letter of Undertaking Annex G Insurance Annex H Team Members in the LRT Consultant Annex I Performance Bond This Agreement is made and entered into this day of, by and between Cross Israel Highway Ltd. having its registered office at (the "Company") and , a [limited liability] company duly incorporated under the Laws of [country/state of incorporation], certificate of incorporation number , having its registered office at (“the LRT Consultant”). (the Company and the LRT Consultant are each referred to as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties").
LIST OF ANNEXES. Annex No. 1 – The copy of excerpt from the Business Register of the Submitter Annex No. 2 – Power of attorney - in the case that the contract will be signed by the another person that is not authorized to sign the contract according to excerpt from the Business Register of the Submitter On behalf of the Submitter: On behalf of the Provider: Date: Date:
LIST OF ANNEXES. The following documents are attached to the Agreement and form an integral part thereof: Annexe 1: Scientific description of the Project, Annexe 2: Technical annex to the Agreement for the joint supervision and awarding of a double doctorate diploma for [name of the candidate]. Signed in Lille, in ............. original copies, of which one for each Party: In Lille, date In [COMPLETE], date President of the University of Lille France Title of XXX Country Pr. Xxxx-Xxxxxxxxxx Camart Title and Name Thesis Supervisor At the University of Lille - France Thesis Supervisor At XXX University - Country Title and Name Title and Name Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xx xxx Xxxxxxxxxx xx Xxxxx - Xxxxxx Laboratory Director At XXX University - Country Title and Name Title and Name Director of the Doctoral School SHS At the University of Lille - France Director of the Doctoral School At XXX University - Country Pr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx-Van Cauwenberghe Title and Name Doctoral Candidate: Last name, first name Reference texts In France Decree of 25 May 2016 establishing the national training framework and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral degree; Decree of 1 July 2016 amending Articles 9 and 16 of the Decree of 25 May 2016. ANNEXE 1 SCIENTIFIC DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT
LIST OF ANNEXES. Annex 1: Amendment of 20 July 2018 to Service Proposal for XXXX INT of 22/12/2017
LIST OF ANNEXES. Annex 1 Public Participation Minutes and List of Participants Annex 2 Sewerage Layout Plans
LIST OF ANNEXES. I. INFORMATION ON DATA PROTECTION II. TEAM RULES III. PAYMENT SCHEDULE IV. ELPA MEMBERSHIP / SERVICE FEE PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION FORM ADDITIONAL (OPTIONAL) ANNEXES [cross out if not applicable]: V. BONUSES VI. FRINGE BENEFITS VII. ADDITIONAL COMMITMENTS ELPA MEMBERSHIP FORM ANNEX I INFORMATION ON DATA PROTECTION This Annex is to inform the Player about the collection, storage, processing and use of his personal data (“Data”) within the meaning of Art. 4 nos. 1 and 2 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) by the Club in the scope described hereinafter. Within the scope of the contractual relationship, the Player will be obliged to provide those Data, which are necessary for the commencement and performance of the Player Contract and which, due to statutory provisions, must be collected by the Club. In detail:
LIST OF ANNEXES. In case of any conflict between the terms of this DPA and the Agreement, the provisions of the DPA shall prevail. Notwithstanding the foregoing, where applicable, if the DPA is conflicting with the EU Commission Standard Contractual Clauses terms and conditions of the Standard Contractual Clauses shall apply. Any changes to the DPA must be agreed in writing between the Parties and attached into this DPA. Following appendices form an integral part of the DPA: Annex 1Approved third parties (including sub-processors) *********************** Annex 1 – Third parties (including subcontractors) 1 THIRD PARTIES WITHIN EU/EEA AREA, INCLUDING COUNTRIES DEEMED SAFE BY THE EU COMMISSION AND US COMPANIES ABIDING BY THE PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK Company (name, reg. no, address, contact details) Processing / storage location (e.g. country / state) Differitas AS, Org nr 989 321 412, Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 00, 0000 Xxxx. CEO: Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx. Phone: 000 00 000. 2 THIRD PARTIES OUTSIDE THE THREE AREAS SPECIFIED ABOVE I.E. THIRD COUNTRY
LIST OF ANNEXES. ANNEX A-1: FORM OF AMENDMENT TO CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION ANNEX A-2 FORM OF AMENDMENT TO BYLAWS ANNEX B: FORMS OF WAIVERS ANNEX C: FORM OF OPINIONS ANNEX D: FORM OF TRUST PREFERRED WARRANT ANNEX E: FORM OF SERIES F-2 WARRANT INDEX OF DEFINED TERMS Term Location of Definition 2008 SPA Section 1.3(f)(viii) Affiliate Section 5.7(b) Amendments Section 1.3(f)(iii) Appropriate Federal Banking Agency Section 2.2(w) Auto Program Recitals Bank Holding Company Section 4.13 Bankruptcy Exceptions Section 2.2(e) Benefit Plans Section 1.3(f)(iv) Board of Directors Section 2.2(j) Business Combination Section 5.8 business day Section 1.4 Bylaws Section 1.3(f)(iii) Capital Stock Section 2.2(c) Capitalization Date Section 2.2(b) Charter Section 1.3(f)(iii) Closing Section 1.3(a) Closing Date Section 1.3(a) Code Section 2.2(q) Common Securities Recitals Common Stock Recitals Company Recitals Company Financial Statements Section 2.2(l) Company Material Adverse Effect Section 2.1(b) Company Reports Section 2.2(m)(i) Company Subsidiary; Company Subsidiaries Section 2.2(i)(ii) Compensation Regulations Section 1.3(f)(iv) control; controlled by; under common control with Section 5.7(b) Controlled Group Section 2.2(q) Conversion Recitals Conversion Rate Recitals Debentures Recitals Declaration Recitals Delaware Trustee Recitals Disclosure Schedule Section 2.1(a) EAWA Section 4.9 EESA Section 1.3(f)(iv) ERISA Section 2.2(q) Exchanges Recitals Exchange Act Section 4.5(c)(vi)(A) Expense Policy Section 4.11(d) FDIC Section 2.2(aa) Federal Reserve Section 2.2(aa) Term Location of Definition GAAP Section 2.1(b) Governmental Entities Section 1.3(d) Guarantee Recitals Guarantee Agreement Recitals Guarantee Trustee Recitals HAMP Section 4.15 Holder Section 4.5(k)(i) Holders’ Counsel Section 4.5(k)(ii) Indemnitee Section 4.5(g)(i) Indenture Recitals Indenture Trustee Recitals Information Section 3.5(c) Investor Recitals Issuer Trust Recitals Institutional Trustee Recitals Junior Stock Section 4.8(d) knowledge of the Company; Company’s knowledge Section 5.7(c) May SPA Section 1.3(f)(viii) Officers Section 5.7(c) Old MCP Exchange Recitals Old Shares Recitals Operative Documents Recitals Parity Preferred Stock Section 4.8(d) Pending Underwritten Offering Section 4.5(l) Permitted Repurchases Section 4.8(b) Piggyback Registration Section 4.5(a)(iv) Plan Section 2.2(q) Plan of Conversion Section 4.8(a) Previously Disclosed Section 2.1(c) Proprietary Rights Section 2.2(y) Purchase Recitals Purch...
LIST OF ANNEXES. The following is the list of Annexes contained in this Agreement ANNEX I - System Deployment in Korea Statement of Work (SOW) ANNEX II - Letter of Credit, Performance Bond, Warranty Bond ANNEX III - Estimated Price and Payment Terms Vision Plant Inc. CONTRACT NO: LSA 20040831 Telematics Wireless Ltd. In consideration of the mutual obligations assumed under this Agreement, the Customer and the Supplier agree to this Agreement which is executed by duly authorized representatives as of the dates below. AGREED BY: VISION PLANT INC. TELEMATICS WIRELESS LTD. By: /s/ Chi Young Kwack By: /s/ Kafry Eddy ------------------------------- ------------------------ Name: Chi Young Kwack Name: Eddy Kafry Title: Pxxxxxxxx axx XXO Title: Pxxxxxxxx xnd CEO Date: August 31, 2004 Date: August 31, 2004 Vision Plant Inc. Telematics Wireless Ltd. ANNEX I SYSTEM DEPLOYMENT IN KOREA STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW)