General Data Protection Regulation Sample Clauses

General Data Protection Regulation. 10.1 Protecting your personal information is incredibly important to Excalibur. Our privacy policy which sets out how we do this is available here: xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/gdpr-policy/. This policy explains the information that we hold, how we use it, and how long we keep it for. Please take a few minutes to read it.
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General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR) The Exhibitor agrees to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which governs the collection and processing of personal data, as specified in articles 28, 32, and 82 (EU 2016/679). For details, see: xxxxx:// The undersigned agrees to abide by all requirements, restrictions, and obligations detailed in these terms and conditions. Signature: Print Your Full Name:
General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR) Any personal data exchange between the Allocation Platform and the Registered Participant in the context of this Participation Agreement is processed in accordance with any applicable mandatory (including public policy) legislation or regulation or any mandatory decision of a competent authority, including the terms, conditions and methodologies as required under such legislation or regulation, and also including in particular but not limited to GDPR, and only for the purpose of this Participation Agreement, including managing the contractual relationship amongst the Allocation Platform and the Registered Participant. Signatures The Registered Participant The Allocation Platform Name: Date: Place: Name: Date: Place: Luxembourg Signature: Signature: Name: Date: Place: Name: Date: Place: Luxembourg Signature: Signature: Attachments: Attachment 1: Submission of information Attachment 2: Contact information of the Allocation Platform Attachment 3: TSOs designation information for the Bidding Zone borders for which this information is relevant Attachment 4: Bidding Zone borders on which the Registered Participant shall be registered according to rules Daily Capacity Allocation on Swiss Borders Attachment 5: Bidding Zone borders on which the Registered Participant shall be registered according to Shadow Allocation Rules Attachment 6: Borders on which the Register Participant shall be registered according to Allocation Rules for either (i) Intraday Capacity Allocation, (ii) Day Ahead Capacity Allocation, or (iii) Long Term Capacity Allocation for the IFA and/or IFA2 Interconnectors. Attachment 1 Submission of information
General Data Protection Regulation a. il xxxxx healthcenters collects and processes personal data for various purposes. Such as data for the execution of our agreements (our services), for our own business operations and to be able to comply with our legal obligations.
General Data Protection Regulation. 12. 1 We shall provide the Online Resources via our secure cloud-based platform for the duration of the Agreement. The personal data processed by us will consist of information relating to the children that you work with using Thrive-Online and, less frequently, information relating to the families of children and individuals from support services who may be involved with the children. The personal information may consist of information relating to the education and home life of the children, how they have interacted with you whilst engaging with the Approach. This information could include details of behaviour, emotional development and relationships with others. Information will also be held relating to your contact details, employment and training. Such information may include sensitive personal data about the medical needs or learning difficulties of the children.
General Data Protection Regulation. If and insofar as the lessee provides personal data to Ahoy within the context of the rental agreement:
General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR) 2018
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General Data Protection Regulation. 22.1 2Connect will process data that may contain personally identifiable information on behalf of the Data Controller (customer) only when there is no reasonable alternative method of delivering the services contracted to the Customer.
General Data Protection Regulation. 4.1. The Parties shall inform each other and accept that, in the performance of the Agreement, it is likely that certain personal data, such as, but no limited to name and first name, profession, position held, signature, telephone number of the Parties’ employees, but also of other persons who work under their control and/or supervision, including business parties or subcontractors (all these persons being hereinafter referred to as “Data subjects”) that they are disclosed to the other Party, to be processed by this Party and/or to be transferred to a third country (outside the European Economic Area), to a worldwide affiliated enterprise (in compliance with certain specific rules) to its representatives for the purpose of the execution of the Main Agreement, as well as for other activities related to the field of activity of each Party.
General Data Protection Regulation. To the extent applicable to deepwatch and taking into account Customer’s obligations under Section 2.3(e) above, deepwatch agrees to comply with General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 per the internal guidelines located at xxxxx://
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