Third Country Sample Clauses

Third Country. TRANSPORTATION A good shall not be considered to be an originating good if the good undergoes subsequent production or any other operation outside the territories of the Parties, other than unloading, reloading, or any other operation necessary to preserve it in good condition or to transport the good to the territory of a Party.
Third Country a country that is not a Contracting Party to the Agreement.

Related to Third Country

  • Territory 43.1 This Agreement applies to the territory in which Verizon operates as an Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Verizon shall be obligated to provide Services under this Agreement only within this territory.

  • Restricted Territory Executive and Company understand and agree that Company’s business is not geographically restricted and is unrelated to the physical location of Company facilities or the physical location of any Competing Business, due to extensive use of the Internet, telephones, facsimile transmissions and other means of electronic information and product distribution. Executive and Company further understand and agree that Executive will, in part, work toward expanding Company’s markets and geographic business territories and will be compensated for performing this work on behalf of Company. Accordingly, Company has a protectable business interest in, and the parties intend the Restricted Territory to encompass, each and every location from which Executive could engage in a Competing Business in any country, state, province, county or other political subdivision in which Company has clients, employees, suppliers, distributors or other business partners or operations. If, but only if, this Restricted Territory is held to be invalid on the ground that it is unreasonably broad, the Restricted Territory shall include each location from which Executive can conduct business in any of the following locations: each state in the United States in which Company conducts sales or operations, each province within Canada in which Company conducts sales or operations, and each political subdivision of the United Kingdom in which Company conducts sales or operations. If, but only if, this Restricted Territory is held to be invalid on the grounds that it is unreasonably broad, then the Restricted Territory shall be any location within a fifty (50) mile radius of any Company office.

  • Competing Products The provisions of Section 21 are set forth on attached Exhibit H and are incorporated in this Section 21 by this reference.

  • Country and Territory Names The country and territory names (including their IDN variants, where applicable) contained in the following internationally recognized lists shall be withheld from registration or allocated to Registry Operator at All Levels:

  • Country Risk – shall have the meaning set forth in the Custodian Agreement.

  • Competitive Products In furtherance of its best efforts duties, and in recognition of the unique healthcare and related responsibilities in connection with the distribution of the Products, during the Term of this Agreement and for six (6) months thereafter, Distributor shall not anywhere in the Territory market or sell any product or material that performs substantially the same function as, or competes with, the Products as defined in Schedule 1. During the Term and for five (5) years thereafter, Distributor shall not manufacture or reproduce, or cause to be manufactured or reproduced, anywhere in the Territory any product or material that performs substantially the same function as, or competes with, the Products, without limitation on the exercise by Manufacturer of its industrial and intellectual property rights.

  • Field The term “

  • New Products You agree to comply with NASD Notice to Members 5-26 recommending best practices for reviewing new products.