Laboratory Sample Clauses

Laboratory. The official testing laboratories of the Owner or such other laboratories as may be designated by the Engineer.
Laboratory. A laboratory course is one in which the contact hours per week do not equal the semester hour credit for the course. A laboratory experience involves preparation on the part of the instructor and/or laboratory assistant which organizes laboratory accoutrements in such a way that demonstrations, experiments, etc., have predictable outcomes. The laboratory experience takes place in a controlled environment with dependence on the student’s motor involvement in the learning experience. Instruction generally takes place on a one-to-one basis between the student and the instructor at the laboratory station. Laboratory experiences may be scheduled for a class or be open to a student to work at his own pace under supervision. The ratio of credit hours to contact hours in a laboratory course varies but is usually more than one (1) contact hour per credit hour. Commonly denoted with an “L” designator.
Laboratory. The name of the testing laboratory shall be maintained by the City. This laboratory shall conduct any testing directed by the City.
Laboratory like and Clinical Courses For the first (1st) section of part thereof of a course offered each week: The faculty member shall be allotted one and one-third (1 1/3) hours of preparation for each credit hour of didactic instruction. The faculty member shall be allotted two (2) hours of preparation for each credit hour of equivalent laboratory or clinical instruction requiring two (2) or more contact hours.
Laboratory. Each transplant center must have direct local 24-hour per day access to histocompatibility testing facilities. These facilities must meet the Standards for Histocompatibility Testing set forth by the Committee on Quality Assurance and Standards of the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI). As specified by ASHI, the director of the facility shall hold a doctoral degree in biological science, or be a physician, and subsequent to graduation shall have had four yearsexperience in immunology, two of which were devoted to formal training in human histocompatibility testing, documented to be professionally competent by external measures such as national proficiency testing, participation in national or international workshops or publications in peer-reviewed journals. The laboratory must successfully participate in a regional or national testing program.
Laboratory. One (1) laboratory contact hour per week equals ten (10) points.
Laboratory. LAB’s final BIP review from the IPM/BIP Team is entered here.