Testing laboratory definition

Testing laboratory means a laboratory, facility, or entity in the state that offers or performs tests of cannabis or cannabis products and that is both of the following:
Testing laboratory or "Laboratory" means a public or private laboratory licensed pursuant to state law and these Rules to conduct testing and research on medical marijuana and medical marijuana products.
Testing laboratory means a facility, entity, or site in the state that offers or performs tests of medical cannabis or medical cannabis products and that is both of the following:

Examples of Testing laboratory in a sentence

  • Testing laboratory information required by the paragraphs entitled "Accreditation Requirements" or "Construction Materials Testing Laboratory Requirements", as applicable.

  • Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory: Testing laboratory which is recognized and approved by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with OSHA regulations.

  • If required by the Engineer in Charge, further testing from any Government approved Testing laboratory shall have to be conducted by the agency at their own cost.

  • Inspection and Testing: Testing laboratory shall inspect materials and workmanship and perform tests described herein and additional tests requested by Resident Engineer.

  • Testing laboratory applicants do not have to designate medicinal or adult-use, as testing laboratory licenses allow the holder to test both medicinal and adult-use cannabis.

More Definitions of Testing laboratory

Testing laboratory means a qualified person, licensed by the department, who meets the
Testing laboratory means a qualified person, licensed under this chapter that:
Testing laboratory shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.6.
Testing laboratory means a body set up for the purpose of testing of goods or article against a set of requirements and report its findings;
Testing laboratory means an organisation which carries out the testing of emissions from a plant either at permanent laboratory premises or away from those premises;
Testing laboratory means an independent entity engaged to perform specific inspections or tests, either at the project site or elsewhere, and to report and interpret the results of those inspections or tests.
Testing laboratory means a cannabis business that (i) offers or performs tests of cannabis, cannabis products, (ii) offers no service other than such tests, (iii) sells no products, excepting only testing supplies and materials, (iv) is accredited by an accrediting body that is independent from all other persons involved in the cannabis industry in the state and (v) is registered with the Department of Cannabis Control or other state agency.