Credit hour definition

Credit hour means 50 minutes of classroom instruction in
Credit hour means an increment of time of 60 minutes which may be divided into segments of 30 minutes or 15 minutes, but no smaller.
Credit hour means the value assigned by the commission to a prelicense or continuing education program, course, or activity.

Examples of Credit hour in a sentence

  • Credit Hour - The term "credit hour" shall be used in this Agreement to refer to the standard established for the unit determination including non-credit equivalencies.

  • ACC Credit Hour Transfer Information: • 60 semester credit hours minimum.

  • If the Department proposes to make any change to the AWS Plan (including the CWS Plan and Flextime Plan) or the Credit Hour Plan of bargaining unit employees or to restrict the application of the plans to any new position, the local union shall be notified and given an opportunity to bargain.

  • Amendments to the method of payment (Section 7) and conversion from one Credit Hour Plan (Section 3) to another will likely have Contract price implications to the Purchaser.

  • Part-time employees are covered for the Flextime and Credit Hour Plan only.

More Definitions of Credit hour

Credit hour also written as ‘Credit’ means the numerical weight allotted to the course, including its theory and practical parts. One credit will represent one hour of lecture and two to three hours of laboratory/field practical in each week.
Credit hour means each classroom or instruction hour per week of a one-semester course of academic learning, or the equivalent, that is recognized by the degree-granting institution of higher education that offers it as a degree-credit course; typically, a one-semester university course constitutes three credit hours and one semester means a course of academic learning that has a term or duration of approximately fifteen
Credit hour means 50 minutes of instruction within a 60-minute time period, allowing for a ten-minute break.
Credit hour means, one hour lecture plus two hours of library or home work or two and half hours of laboratory/field practical per week in a semester.
Credit hour means one continuing education course hour, comprising at least 50 minutes of instruction.
Credit hour means 60 minutes of participation in continuing education.
Credit hour or "Hour" means at least fifty (50) minutes of classroom instruction with a ten (10) minute break.