Under supervision definition

Under supervision means providing the relevant services to clients under the responsibility of a staff member who has both an appropriate qualification and appropriate experience.
Under supervision means under the direct and personal supervision, and in the presence, of a person who holds a specified certificate, where such supervision is being provided for the purposes of training.
Under supervision means providing the relevant services to clients under the responsibility of a staff member who has both an appropriate qualification and appropriate experience. The staff member can work under supervision for a maximum period of 4 years except where a shorter period is determined by the CA.

Examples of Under supervision in a sentence

  • Under supervision, a Tutor’s duties may include individual tutoring sessions, group tutoring sessions, presentation at workshops, and other duties as assigned.

  • Under supervision from higher level professional engineers as to method of approach and requirements, the professional engineer performs normal professional engineering work and exercises individual judgement and initiative in the application of engineering principles, techniques and methods.

  • Under supervision of the college and the employer, the student combines classroom learning with work experience.

  • LEVEL 4Title: Senior Designer; Senior EngineerDuties: Under supervision of Project Manager, reviews project elements to conform to project requirements, directs designer and others on projects.

  • Qualifications: BA, BS degree or equivalent experience.Experience: Minimum 5 years LEVEL 3Title: Designer; Abatement Service TechnicianDuties: Under supervision of Designer or Engineer takes designed systems and layout data and sketches and translates into usable information on construction documents or feasibility studies.

  • Under supervision, ensures the accuracy of student FTE and GTID numbers on each answer document.16.

  • No person may arrange for a person to carry out works unless he is either, • Competent• Under supervision of a competent person The business selects personnel based on ability and where possible seeks demonstration by certification.

  • Under supervision, a student may review their final exam by appointment with the instructor.

  • Whenever a cash dividend is paid on a share of Common Stock, a Participant's ML Stock Unit Account will be adjusted by adding to the ML Stock Unit Account the number of ML Stock Units determined by multiplying the per share amount of the cash dividend by the ML Stock Unit Account Balance on the record date for the cash dividend, dividing the result by the price per share of Common Stock used for purposes of the reinvestment of such cash dividend in the Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

  • Under supervision signpost unsuitable referrals to the relevant service as necessary.

More Definitions of Under supervision

Under supervision means that the performance of the impaired person's clinical privileges and status of the person's impairment is being observed and monitored under the authority of a written directive issued in accordance with a health care institution's or medical staff's bylaws or rules and regulations.
Under supervision means that activities performed independently by trainees must be reviewed and corrected, as needed, by training supervisors.
Under supervision means providing the relevant services to clients under the responsibility of a staff member who has both an appropriate qualification and appropriate experience. The staff member can work under supervision for a maximum period of 4 years
Under supervision means under the supervision of the DCA. If the organisation has already properly authorised airworthiness review staff, the DCA may accept that the supervision be performed by this existing airworthiness review staff in accordance with an approved procedure. In such case, evidence of the airworthiness review performed under supervision should be provided to DCA. If satisfied, the DCA will issue the formal acceptance.

Related to Under supervision

  • Group supervision means the process of clinical supervision of no more than six persons in a group setting provided by a qualified supervisor.

  • Direct supervision means oversight at a distance within which:

  • Direct visual supervision means the supervisory dentist

  • Community supervision means an order of disposition by the

  • Immediate supervision means under the physical and visual supervision of a pharmacist;

  • Clinical supervision means direction or oversight provided either face to face or by videoconference or telephone by an individual qualified to evaluate, guide, and direct all behavioral health services provided by a licensee to assist the licensee to develop and improve the necessary knowledge, skills, techniques, and abilities to allow the licensee to engage in the practice of behavioral health ethically, safely, and competently.

  • Supervision means the ongoing process performed by a supervisor who monitors the performance of the person supervised and provides regular, documented individual consultation, guidance and instruction with respect to the skills and competencies of the person supervised.

  • On-site supervision means a physical therapist shall be continuously on-site and present in the same building where the assistive personnel are performing services.

  • General supervision means that general instructions are given and tasks are undertaken to achieve the required outcomes or objectives. Discretion and choice in selecting the most appropriate method for completing the allotted tasks is expected and encouraged.

  • Portfolio Supervisor means First Trust Advisors L.P. and its successors in interest, or any successor portfolio supervisor appointed as hereinafter provided."

  • Personal supervision means the dentist is physically present in the treatment room to oversee and direct all intraoral or chairside services of the dental assistant trainee and a licensee or registrant is physically present to oversee and direct all extraoral services of the dental assistant.

  • Indirect supervision means the supervision of an unlicensed school staff member when the school nurse or other health care provider is not physically available on site but immediately available by telephone.

  • Supervising entity means a business entity that is a licensed

  • County Superintendent means the Executive County Superintendent of Schools designated by the Department of Education for this school district.

  • Protective supervision means an order of disposition pursuant to which the court permits an abused, neglected, dependent, or unruly child to remain in the custody of the child's parents, guardian, or custodian and stay in the child's home, subject to any conditions and limitations upon the child, the child's parents, guardian, or custodian, or any other person that the court prescribes, including supervision as directed by the court for the protection of the child.

  • Supervising Contractor means the principal contractor retained by SDs to supervise and direct the implementation of the Work under this CD.

  • Supervising agency means an agency licensed by the state

  • Supervisee means an individual who has submitted a supervisory contract and has received board approval to provide clinical services in social work under supervision.

  • Clinical supervisor means an individual who provides clinical supervision.

  • Physician assistant supervision agreement means a written agreement, jointly

  • Assistant Superintendent means the assistant superintendent to whom the supervisor reports. If the supervisor is an assistant superintendent, the associate superintendent will serve as the assistant superintendent.

  • Supervising Officer means the supervising officer of the Ministry;

  • Supervising pharmacist means an Iowa-licensed pharmacist who is on duty in an Iowa-licensed pharmacy and who is responsible for assigning and supervising the duties performed by a pharmacy support person.

  • Independent educational evaluation means an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for the education of the child in question.

  • Directly supervised means a qualified staff member maintains visual contact with the supervised staff.

  • District superintendent means the superintendent of a district or the chief administrator of a public school academy.