Labor Management Relations Sample Clauses

Labor Management Relations. The University and the Union recognize that the character and quality of the Union-Management relationship in each department has an impact upon productivity and quality services. Accordingly, the parties agree to support joint labor/management training in skills and concepts which may contribute to increased Union-Management understanding and cooperative relationships.
Labor Management Relations. Section 1. The Chief of the Department and the President of the Union shall meet monthly (if requested by either) for the purpose of conferring over issues relating to labor relations, health and safety, and other such matters. Neither shall be required to meet unless a minimum of seven (7) calendar days advance notification be made, in writing, stating the purpose of the meeting and the topics to be discussed.
Labor Management Relations. In the interest of sound Labor-Management relations, the Safety Director and/or his designee may meet with not more than three (3) representatives of the Union to discuss pending problems and to promote a more harmonious labor-management relationship. The Article does not modify Article XIV, not shall it substitute for the grievance and arbitration provisions of this Agreement.
Labor Management Relations. A. Labor-Management Committee (LMC) – In accordance with long-standing practice, a Labor-Management Committee exists and shall continue to consist of the Assistant Chief of Operations, the Assistant Chief of Business Operations, the President of Local 145 and their designee, two board members of Local 145, and the Human Resources Director or their designee. The Committee will meet monthly during regular working hours for the purpose of informally resolving open issues and improving communication between the parties. Any agreements reached at the Committee meetings will be memorialized in writing and signed by the parties. It is acknowledged that both Fire Department Management and Local 145 may, from time-to-time, invite other personnel to LMC meetings for subject matter expertise or training in which case either party shall provide adequate notice to the other party of the intended guest.
Labor Management Relations. In order to maintain and improve upon this positive relationship, the Town and the Association agree to following strategy:
Labor Management Relations. Section 23.1 In the interest of furthering harmonious relations, the Executive Board of Local 48 and the Fire Department Administration shall meet no less than quarterly during the year. These meetings shall be for the purpose of discussion of issues relating to the Fire Department and its relationship with the Union. Either side shall notify the other at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the date of the meeting and exchange an agenda of the items that side intends to discuss.
Labor Management Relations. It is hereby agreed by the parties signatory hereto that it has been, and will continue to be, in their best interests to promote and encourage areas of understanding and cooperation in labor-management relations; promote efficiency and responsibility in the performance of the work and the accomplishment of the public purposes of Thurston County; to promote procedures and methods to promptly and fairly adjust differences, misunderstandings and disputes; to promote reasonable and fair working conditions; and to encourage an environment of good will and harmony between the County and employees for the benefit of all.