Items to be Included Sample Clauses

Items to be Included. The GMP Proposal must include a written description of how it was derived that specifically identifies the clarifications, assumptions, exceptions and exclusions made by the CM in the GMP proposal and the monetary amounts attributable to them. The GMP Proposal shall include, without limitation, a breakdown of CM’s estimated General Conditions Costs and estimated Costs of the Work organized by trade and CSI division format; all contingency amounts (including escalation), the Construction Phase Fee; and the proposed Contract Time, including dates for Notice to Proceed, completion of the phases of design, Substantial Completion and Final Completion.

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  • Assets to be Held The Custodian shall limit the securities and other assets maintained in the custody of the foreign sub-custodians to: (a) "foreign securities", as defined in paragraph (c)(1) of Rule 17f-5 under the Investment Company Act of 1940, and (b) cash and cash equivalents in such amounts as the Custodian or the Fund may determine to be reasonably necessary to effect the Fund's foreign securities transactions. The Custodian shall identify on its books as belonging to the Fund, the foreign securities of the Fund held by each foreign sub-custodian.

  • Amendments to be in Writing This contract may be modified or amended only by a writing duly authorized and executed by the Superintendent and the Board.

  • Sleeping Rooms to be Blocked A. The Contractor shall block sleeping rooms as set forth in Table 1, below. Table 1: Dates Single Occupancy Double Occupancy Suite Total by Date @Date1 @X1 @Y1 @Z1 @X1+Y1+Z1 @Date2 @X2 @Y2 @Z2 @X2+Y2+Z2 @Date@ @X@ @Y@ @Z@ @X@+Y@+Z @ @Date@ @X@ @Y@ @Z@ @X@+Y@+Z @ Total Rooms to be Blocked: @X @Y @Z @X+Y+Z B. @The Contractor will provide the AOC with a current Delegate List/Report, after the Cut Off Date and before Date 1 of the Program, as identified in Exhibit B. The AOC @may then @will then @will not provide to the Contractor in writing an approved Master Account Approval List. The Contractor shall not xxxx the AOC for Attendee reservations not included on the Master Account Approval List. Unless expressly set forth otherwise, any Individual Charges are the responsibility of the Attendee occupying the room.

  • Entity Accounts Not Required to Be Reviewed, Identified or Reported Unless the Reporting San Marino Financial Institution elects otherwise, either with respect to all New Entity Accounts or, separately, with respect to any clearly identified group of such accounts, a credit card account or a revolving credit facility treated as a New Entity Account is not required to be reviewed, identified, or reported, provided that the Reporting San Marino Financial Institution maintaining such account implements policies and procedures to prevent an account balance owed to the Account Holder that exceeds $50,000.

  • Replacements to be numbered Each replacement Global Note Certificate or Individual Note Certificate delivered hereunder shall bear a unique serial number.

  • Accounts Not Required to Be Reviewed, Identified, or Reported Unless the Reporting Financial Institution elects otherwise, either with respect to all Preexisting Individual Accounts or, separately, with respect to any clearly identified group of such accounts, where the implementing rules in the jurisdiction provide for such an election, the following accounts are not required to be reviewed, identified, or reported as Reportable Accounts:

  • Records to be kept 8.1 The Recipient must:

  • ASSETS TO BE ACQUIRED The assets of the Selling Fund to be acquired by the Acquiring Fund shall consist of all property, including without limitation all cash, securities, commodities and futures interests and dividends or interest receivable, which are owned by the Selling Fund and any deferred or prepaid expenses shown as an asset on the books of the Selling Fund on the Closing Date. The Selling Fund has provided the Acquiring Fund with its most recent audited financial statements which contain a list of all of Selling Fund's assets as of the date thereof. The Selling Fund hereby represents that as of the date of the execution of this Agreement there have been no changes in its financial position as reflected in said financial statements other than those occurring in the ordinary course of its business in connection with the purchase and sale of securities and the payment of its normal operating expenses. The Selling Fund reserves the right to sell any of such securities but will not, without the prior written approval of the Acquiring Fund, acquire any additional securities other than securities of the type in which the Acquiring Fund is permitted to invest. The Acquiring Fund will, within a reasonable time prior to the Closing Date, furnish the Selling Fund with a statement of the Acquiring Fund's investment objectives, policies and restrictions and a list of the securities, if any, on the Selling Fund's list referred to in the second sentence of this paragraph which do not conform to the Acquiring Fund's investment objectives, policies, and restrictions. In the event that the Selling Fund holds any investments which the Acquiring Fund may not hold, the Selling Fund will dispose of such securities prior to the Closing Date. In addition, if it is determined that the Selling Fund and the Acquiring Fund portfolios, when aggregated, would contain investments exceeding certain percentage limitations imposed upon the Acquiring Fund with respect to such investments, the Selling Fund if requested by the Acquiring Fund will dispose of a sufficient amount of such investments as may be necessary to avoid violating such limitations as of the Closing Date.

  • Assets to be Purchased A. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, and in reliance on the respective representations and warranties of the parties contained herein and in the Asset Agreement and the Real Property Agreement, at the Closing, Colonial agrees to sell, convey, grant, assign and transfer to Buyer and Buyer agrees to purchase and acquire from Colonial all of the Purchased Real Property, the Assets and any other assets, properties, or rights of every nature, kind, description, tangible and intangible, whether real, personal or mixed, whether accrued, contingent or otherwise and whether now existing or hereinafter acquired relating in any way to or used or held for use in connection with the Colonial Business, whether directly or indirectly owned (other than the Excluded Assets) (collectively, the "ACQUIRED ASSETS"). A detailed listing of the Purchased Real Property (by lot) is included on Schedule 2.2A.

  • Designation of Additional Amounts to Be Included in the Excess Spread Amount for the DiscoverSeries Notes At any time that any outstanding Series of certificates issued by the Master Trust provides that the Series Principal Collections allocated to such Series will be deposited into the Group Finance Charge Collections Reallocation Account for the Master Trust to the extent necessary for application to cover shortfalls for other Series issued by the Master Trust, an amount equal to (x) all Series Principal Collections allocated to such Series, multiplied by (y) a fraction, the numerator of which is the sum of the Nominal Liquidation Amounts for each outstanding Tranche of the DiscoverSeries Notes (including these notes) and the denominator of which is (i) the Aggregate Investor Interest for the Master Trust minus (ii) the sum of the Series Investor Interests for all such Series that provide that the Series Principal Collections allocated to such Series will be so deposited, is hereby designated to be included in the Excess Spread Amount and shall be treated as Series Finance Charge Amounts for the DiscoverSeries.