Rules Sample Clauses

Rules. All decisions as to these Official Rules and interpretations thereof are exclusively within the sole discretion of the Houston Rockets and Sponsor and may be changed from time to time without notice. The Houston Rockets and Sponsor reserve the right to cancel or modify the Sweepstakes at any time without notice.
Rules. This Plan determines its order of benefits using the first of the following rules which applies:
Rules. Tenant agrees for itself and for its subtenants, employees, agents, and invitees to comply with the rules and regulations listed on Exhibit C-2 attached hereto and with all reasonable modifications and additions thereto which Landlord may make from time to time.
Rules. The rules of arbitration shall be the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, as modified by any other instructions that the parties may agree upon at the time, except that each party shall have the right to conduct discovery in any manner and to the extent authorized by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as interpreted by the federal courts. If there is any conflict between those Rules and the provisions of this section, the provisions of this section shall prevail.
Rules. Tenant shall comply with the Rules set forth in Exhibit C attached hereto (the “Rules”). Landlord shall have the right, by notice to Tenant or by posting at the Property, to reasonably amend such Rules and supplement the same with other reasonable Rules relating to the Property, or the promotion of safety, care, efficiency, cleanliness or good order therein, provided that such changes are generally applicable to all office tenants in the Building. Nothing herein shall be construed to give Tenant or any other Person any claim, demand or cause of action against Landlord arising out of the violation of such Rules by any other tenant or visitor of the Property, or out of the enforcement, modification or waiver of the Rules by Landlord in any particular instance. In the event of any conflict between the Rules (as they may be amended from time to time) and the terms and provision of this Lease, the terms and provisions of this Lease shall control.
Rules. 16.1 Tenant and Agents shall at all times abide by and observe the rules specified in Exhibit C. Tenant and Agents shall also abide by and observe any other rule that Landlord may reasonably promulgate from time to time for the operation and maintenance of the Building, provided that written notice thereof is given and such rule is not inconsistent with the provisions of this Lease. All rules shall be binding upon Tenant and enforceable by Landlord as if they were contained herein. Nothing contained in this Lease shall be construed as imposing upon Landlord any duty or obligation to enforce such rules, or the terms, conditions or covenants contained in any other lease, as against any other tenant, and Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant for the violation of such rules by any other tenant or its employees, agents, assignees, subtenants, invitees or licensees. Landlord shall use reasonable efforts not to enforce any rule or regulation in a manner which unreasonably discriminates among similarly situated tenants.
Rules. Tenant agrees to comply with all rules and regulations that Prime Landlord has made or may hereafter from time to time make for the Building. Landlord shall not be liable in any way for damage caused by the non-observance by any of the other tenants of such similar covenants in their leases or of such rules and regulations.
Rules. Tenant shall faithfully observe and comply with the rules and regulations annexed to this Lease as Exhibit “D” and, after notice thereof, all reasonable modifications thereof and additions thereto from time to time promulgated in writing by Landlord. Landlord shall not be responsible to Tenant for the nonperformance by any other tenant or occupant of the Building of any of such rules and regulations.