Newsletters Sample Clauses

Newsletters. Section 10.6 The management of the City reserves the right to remove any material from such bulletin boards which, in their opinion, does not conform to the purpose or intent of this Article. The City shall make an AFSCME Local 1180 representative aware of any such removal of materials. If the AFSCME Local 1180 disagrees with such removal, there shall be an informal meeting with the Department Manager or designee to seek resolution. If resolution is not reached, the Union may utilize the administrative grievance procedure provided within Section 400 of the Personnel Policies and Procedure Manual.
Newsletters. From time to time, we may decide to provide you with information by on-line newsletters, which we may post on our Website or provide to you in any other manner. We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this information, but it will not amount to investment advice or recommendation and if you have any doubts as to the effect or consequences of the information for you, you should contact your independent financial adviser. We reserve the right to charge a fee for subscription to our newsletter, as detailed from time to time on our Website. If we do so, you are entitled to refuse subscription to the newsletter if you notify us in writing.
Newsletters. If Snap develops an area where Users can register for e-mail newsletters from third party content providers, Snap will provide the Company a reasonable opportunity to offer a newsletter to Users through such area.
Newsletters. 21.1. AvaTrade may, from time to time and at its discretion, provide the Customer (or in newsletters which it may post on its Website or provide to subscribers via its Website or the Trading Platform or otherwise) with information, news, market commentary or other information but not as a service. Where it does so:
Newsletters. During the predecessor projects, ATESST, and ATESST2, an e-mail list (sig-adl) was set up, and during ATESST2, 8 newsletters were distributed. Based on feedback from the development and reception of these newsletters, the following conclusions were made:  The newsletters should avoid pictures, since they have a tendency to get trapped by anti- virus programs.  The newsletters should be short and concise, and encourage further reading.  We need results to publish newsletters, but to avoid that all newsletters are sent out at the end of the project, when all results are finished, they should be synchronized with project milestones and deliverables, as partial results will be available then. Based on these conclusions the newsletters are planned as follows:  After each milestone a newsletter is produced, based on results from this milestone. This includes deliverables that are released in this milestone.  A draft of the newsletter should be available at the Milestone meeting, and the newsletter released when all deliverables are finished. So far, nine newsletters have been published, they are available on the xxxxxx.xx website “News Page”.
Newsletters. SPLN shall include a mutually agreed upon promotional text message and linking URL as a featured benefit on outbound promotional newsletters, including no less than fifteen (15) newsletters (or other newsletter format as designated in the sole discretion of SPLN) per year during the Term (exact quarterly distribution of which to be mutually agreed upon).
Newsletters. CAMBRIDGE ALUMNI TOURS regularly sends out a newsletter and/or other informational emails (collectively referred to as "Newsletters") to all Users. In these Newsletters, we may inform you about new services, features or products. User may choose to unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time using the unsubscribe option at the bottom of our emails, or by writing to us at xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx or following the unsubscribe link contained in each of the emails.
Newsletters. On the Website, you may subscribe to our newsletter, which may be used for advertising purposes. All newsletters sent may contain tracking pixels. The pixel is embedded in emails and allows an analysis of the success of online marketing campaigns. Because of these tracking pixels, we may see if and when you open an email and which links within the email you click. Also, this allows the Website to adapt the content of future newsletters to the interests of the user. This behavior will not be passed on to third parties. RIGHTS RELATED TO YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION Opt-out – You may opt-out of future email communications by following the unsubscribe links in our emails. You may also notify us at to be removed from our mailing list.
Newsletters. The posting of any other materials must be first approved by the Department Head or his/her designated representative and a copy of any such material being proposed for posting shall be provided the Employer at the time the request for approval of posting is made. In the event such material is posted without prior approval by the Department Head, he/she may remove it without notice to the Union.